10 thoughts on “(Video) PSA: Pray for Bo

  1. Hilarious, but I’m surprised that picture of Bo being chased by a knife and fork-wielding Obama wasn’t included.

  2. Where is PETA when you need them most? Supposedly there is a website called obamasdogrecipes.com and has such fare as Chicken Poodle Soup listed.

  3. This poor ugly animal will probably be abandoned when the other stupid animal gets kicked out of government housing next January.

  4. One could probably make a comment about all the dogs that are running our guvmint now, I suppose, but that would probably elicit a response from a Secret Service busy covering up investigating how alert and duty-conscious their agents are.

  5. You could be on to something, Carlos. Let’s just hope the Colombian hookers have learned their lesson about who they keep company with.

  6. Why this is so strange to me: anyone who could be a witness to Obama eating dog meat is dead, except possibly his much younger stepsister, who would likely deny it. WHY WOULD HE PUBLISH SUCH AN ADMISSION? Is there some voting demographic that caters to canine carnivores? This guy is strange!

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