Favorite #UAWOW – North Carolina rally sign: “This Slut Votes” (PLUS: VIDEO)

North Carolina’s participation in the national “United Against the War On Women” day in Raleigh on Saturday was sparsely attended – only about 100 or so took part, according to the Raleigh News and Observer – but that still didn’t keep the creative juices of those who did attend from flowing. Here’s my favorite sign so far:

This slut votes

Photo courtesy of the UAWOW - NC Group.

There was someone else at the rally with a “slut” sign – a guy, in fact – but I can’t tell what the sign reads. You can view more photos here. Occupy NC State has video from the rally:

Video streaming by Ustream

Never have understood why “feminists” want to “take back” the word “slut” from people who have “misused” it. It’s a pretty disgusting way to refer to someone no matter who is using it – or why.

In related news, fascistic “feminists” have been waging another war of sorts, this time against conservative women who don’t fall in line with their “group-think” mentality. Now, this isn’t anything new – “feminists” have wanted to shut us up for decades, but some took to to a whole new level the last few weeks by engaging in falsely “blocking and reporting” Twitter users for spam. If enough people report a user for “spam”, Twitter will suspend it automatically until further notice, effectively silencing an account until it either comes back up or the user temporarily starts a new one. Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy site has the details on this disturbing trend.

I should note, for the record, that yours truly was right in the thick of this as I and many of my followers were directly targeted for “monitoring” via a hit list started by “@FeminaziSlut” and promoted by a “Stop Rush” militant who used to go by the name “@subculturestuff” but who has since changed her name and password protected her Twitter account to keep people from witnessing her dictator-esque tactics. The list was supposedly started in response to a NON-EXISTENT “campaign” that I did (not) start to try and get “feminists” suspended from Twitter. Essentially what sub and “Nazi” did was to create a strawman out of thin air and generate a “campaign” against it by targeting both me and my readers, alleging I have a “Twitter army” (I do not). Some actually got suspended (I heard a few were allegedly reported to the FBI), but Twitter is slowly bringing some of them (and others unrelated to this orchestrated attack) back, thanks in part to the widespread outrage over the deliberate targeting of @ChrisLoesch last night by far leftists who repeatedly took his account down (reporting it for spam) every time it came back up.

As many of us have said before, when someone online annoys you, you can block them and set it to where you don’t see what they have to say whether or not it’s directed to you or anyone else. The “spam” feature on Twitter is not there for people just to report people they disagree with, but that’s what liberals have been using it for, excessively over the last few weeks – and the routine misuse of this feature (a TOS violation) actually goes back months.

Some people might find this petty and “not a big deal in the scheme of things” but if you think about how Twitter and other social media platforms have changed the way information is distributed and discussed, it’s a pretty big deal – and the far leftists who have engaged in this war on the speech of conservatives who disagree with them know it. That’s why they do it. In their pathetic little worlds, dissent is NOT patriotic – especially if you are a conservative who doesn’t buy into their “victimhood” mentality. For radical liberals, the response to disagreement is to shut conservatives down by any means necessary, effectively choking their voices on one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. To do so – period – is chilling, but especially during an election year when it is so important to make your voices heard and heard often.

Unfortunately, the left is just getting warmed up with their game-playing and manipulation this general election season. Look for it to get much, much worse.

Fast and Furious: Elijah Cummings throws the dead under the bus to protect Obama and Holder

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Last week I reported that the Rep. Darrell Issa’s (R – CA) House Oversight Committee was preparing contempt of Congress charges against Attorney General Eric Holder for non-cooperation and defying subpoenas in the committee’s investigation into Operation Fast and Furious. Also known as “Gunwalker,” the administration’s supposed plan was to funnel guns and grenades to the cartels and then, somehow (1), trace them to their leaders. This plan went horribly awry, resulting in the deaths of more than 300 Mexican civilians, police, federal agents, and military, as well and one, perhaps two United States federal officers. It is this failed, fatal, operation that Chairman Issa’s committee has been digging into in order to find out how something this boneheaded could take place, all with little help from the Justice Department of the “most transparent administration, ever.”

Ranking committee Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings, however, will have none of that nonsense:

Rep. Elijah Cummings warned Rep. Darrell Issa against turning a potential contempt resolution against Attorney General Eric Holder over the Fast and Furious scandal into “an election-year witch hunt,” he wrote in a letter late last week.

“Holding someone in contempt of Congress is one of the most serious and formal actions our Committee can take, and it should not be used as a political tool to generate press as part of an election-year witch hunt against the Obama Administration,” the Maryland Democrat wrote Friday to Issa, the California Republican who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Congressman Cummings was incensed that the draft citation was leaked to the press:

“Leaking a draft contempt citation that Members of our Committee have never seen suggests that you are more interested in perpetuating your partisan political feud in the press than in obtaining any specific substantive information relating to the Committee’s investigation,” he wrote. “These actions undermine the credibility of the Committee, as well as the integrity and validity of any contempt actions the Committee ultimately may choose to adopt in the future.”

Cry me a river. A congressman complaining about leaks to the press is about as credible as Captain Renault being shocked to find gambling in Rick’s cafe.

No, what’s really going on here is a hack congressman trying to spin a message about unfair Republicans (2), in order to protect a cabinet officer and his president. The truth of what may have happened in Operation fast and Furious, including possible massive violations of federal and state laws, matters less than Obama’s electoral chances.

We’ve seen this show before: it was called “Watergate.” Only no one died that time.

Meanwhile, 300 (and counting) Mexicans and federal agents Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata still have no justice.

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(1) I say “somehow,” since, without any tracking devices or, indeed, any effort at all to trace the guns once they were in Mexico, it remains a mystery as to just how the DoJ, ATF, and other involved agencies ever expected to link these weapons to their buyers. The only way to ever see them again was to recover them at crime scenes, which usually meant people had been killed, too.
(2) I’m sure we won’t have to wait long before accusations of “racism” are made, too.

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