No jury verdict yet in John Edwards trial

Fox News has the latest developments. We’re now into day four of jury deliberations.

Predictions? (Testing a Word Press app for my phone … from my phone. Please excuse my brevity! :-) )

6 thoughts on “No jury verdict yet in John Edwards trial

  1. The longer it takes the better Edwards’ chances.

    I have to say I am torn over this. Edwards is a creep and a scoundrel that deserves to be horse whipped. But I do not like the idea of criminalizing politics. Obviously the campaign funds were used to hide the payment from his wife. Was that criminal? Well it depends how the jury views it (at least at this stage).

    Then again, I think what they did to poor Scooter Libby and think…why shouldn’t Edwards get convicted. But this is a bigger issue than John Edwards.

  2. I’d like to guess token conviction on one or two counts, but trying to outguess a jury is never a winning proposition.

  3. He will probably get off. These types generally do get off or have a reduced sentence. Clearly, he knew he was using campaign money for covert reasons… and if he is a lawyer, he knew it was against the law. I find him personally repugnant…anyone who knows his wife is terminal and can’t wait?

  4. Actually he didn’t use campaign money. What puzzles me is the fact that Judge Eagles refused to let the defense bring in evidence that the FEC felt that he didn’t use reportable fnuds. In fact, she kept out quite a bit of evidence that would have been helpful to the defense. Even if the jury convicts him, he has great grounds for an appeal based on her evidentiary rulings alone.

    I just hope that people on the jury can separate his infidelity from the actual law concerning campaign funds.

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