Saudi woman tells religious police to “drop dead”

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The Saudi muttawa are the kingdom’s religious police, there to promote virtue and prevent vice — as defined by totalitarian, repressive, misogynistic Sharia law. It’s such a wonderful organization that, in order to preserve the virtue of young girls not properly dressed, they prevented their escape from a burning building, letting them die.

Lovely people, no?

Anyway, and on a much lighter note, some “mutts” tried to tell a Saudi woman to leave a mall when she (if I understand the situation correctly) wanted to try on nail polish where men might see it —THE HORROR!!

The lady, on the other hand, would have none of it:

Heh. What’s the Arabic for “You go, girl!” ?

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5 thoughts on “Saudi woman tells religious police to “drop dead”

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  2. Please don’t forget, this is the kind of “enforcement” Dear Leader would like to see in our country, and the kind of enforced slavery the NOW gang (aka, NAGs) would appreciate if only through their silence on the subject.

  3. I have waited for a story like this to come out for quite some time, wondering when Arab women would finally say “enough!” It could be the start of something among them on the order of the so-called Arab Spring. “From the smallest acorn the mightiest oak grows.”

  4. During the Gulf War,one of these cowards accosted an American soldier woman ecause she was walking around in a T-shirt. She cold-cocked him, and the soldier men standing there laughing was enough to keep the rest of the cowards away from her. I never met her, but she’s my hero.

    So’s this Arab lady.

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