#war Romney visits Solyndra, hits Obama for cronyism and corruption

Posted by: Phineas on June 1, 2012 at 1:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

I’ll say this, unlike John McCain, Mitt Romney is willing to fight:

Keep it up, Governor. Keep punching. The One has a glass jaw.

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UPDATE: I wrote this post last night to make sure there was something for the morning. In the meantime, the Romney communications shop was busy turning it into this ad — “Symbol of Failure:”

Less than 24-hour turnaround. Well, done. My only change would have been to insert the blunt word “corruption” along with the more jargony “crony capitalism.” But that’s a quibble.

And it’s timed perfectly to go with today’s lousy jobs report.


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4 Responses to “#war Romney visits Solyndra, hits Obama for cronyism and corruption”


  1. Drew the Infidel says:

    If Obhammud wants to match his record of venture capitalism with Romney’s, then bring it on. Besides Solyndra and Fisker being among his unbroken string of failures, let’s look at the auto industry bailout. Thousands upon thousands of jobs were lost, hundreds of dealerships were closed, and the break even price for GM (Government Motors) stock shares will occur when hell turns blue.

  2. CycleCynic says:

    “The One has a glass jaw.”
    But does he punch above his weight?

  3. Phineas has it right; Romney is ready to fight. He is running a much better campaign than I expected he would. Perhaps more importantly, I hear this from a lot of my friends who were Santorum or Gingrich supporters. They used to criticize Romney mercilessly but now give a grudging approval to his campaign. This can be nothing but encouraging.

    There was a great post on Powerline about this too the other day, check it out

  4. Carlos says:

    Just wait until Mittens is prez. The media will be on him like flies on cow poop. As soon as he proposes a nominee for ANY post, the media will start trotting out how they are long-time buddies and that cronyism has absolutely no place in running the country.

    All the time, of course, praising the ousted traiter for such picks as Valerie, Eric, Tax-Cheat (several to choose from), Van, etc., etc., etc…

    In the meantime, Romney has to stay focused on the economy. Any deviation will bring at least temporary disaster to his campaign because it lets Obhammud off the hook.