CBC staff: opposition to Obama is racist!

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That’s from Angela Rye, Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus. She continues:

“I think that a lot of what the president has experienced is because he’s black. You know, whether it’s questioning his intellect or whether or not he’s Ivy League. It’s always either he’s not educated enough or he’s too educated; or he’s too black or he’s not black enough; he’s too Christian or not Christian enough. There are all these things where he has to walk this very fine line to even be successful.”

She said that “a lot” of conservative opposition is racially-charged, citing the use of the word “cool” in an attack ad launched by Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS superPAC.

“There’s an ad, talking about [how] the president is too cool, [asking] is he too cool? And there’s this music that reminds me of, you know, some of the blaxploitation films from the 70s playing in the background, him with his sunglasses,” Rye said. “And to me it was just very racially-charged. They weren’t asking if Bush was too cool, but, yet, people say that that’s the number one person they’d love to have a beer with. So, if that’s not cool I dont know what is.

She added that “even ‘cool,’ the term ‘cool,’ could in some ways be deemed racial [in this instance].”

When you can’t control the narrative on the merits, call someone a racist. Who’s using the dog-whistles here, Angela?

Here’s the ad in question:

Sorry. I watched a lot of Blaxploitation films back in the day and I don’t particularly hear the strains of “Shaft” or “Super Fly” — or even “Foxy Brown.” This is simple satire, subjecting the president to what we inflict on every candidate in every election. I suspect what Ms. Rye objects to is that Obama is no longer getting the kid-gloves treatment he enjoyed from the McCain campaign. And it’s a fair blow, hitting him on his evident love of appearing (I know it’s racist to say this, but, still…) “cool.”

The real racialist here is the one who sees race behind every tree and bush.

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Israeli Intelligence to Obama: Quit stealing the credit!

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Remember when I blew my stack over “someone” (*cough* White House *cough*) leaking classified information about the development of the Stuxnet virus, aimed at Iran’s nuclear weapons program, to the New York Times? It was evident that these and other leaks were being made to boost Obama’s reputation in a difficult reelection race.

Well, well. Surprise, surprise. It seems President Look-At-Me has been caught claiming credit that wasn’t his to claim:

In his book [NYT reporter David] Sanger argues that it was an American idea to attack Iranian nuclear installations with sophisticated and clandestine cyberspace warfare – planting viruses and worms in Iran’s computers. According to the writer, the operation — code-named ”Olympic Games” — was initiated in 2007 by the Bush administration and sped up under President Obama. In an excerpt adapted from his book by the Times, Sanger wrote that only at a later stage were Israeli intelligence experts and computer wizards were brought in and joined forces.

The Israeli officials actually told me a different version. They said that it was Israeli intelligence that began, a few years earlier, a cyberspace campaign to damage and slow down Iran’s nuclear intentions. And only later they managed to convince the USA to consider a joint operation — which, at the time, was unheard of.

The author of the article, former Haaretz reporter Yossi Melman, also quotes these officials as saying they were reluctant to get involved because they realized the US is deep into its election season. But… come on. Melman would never have been told this information if someone high up didn’t want it to get out. The message is clear: “We did the hard work; stop being a schmuck!”

So now we know(1) not only the president is self-centered enough to leak classified information to make himself look good, but he has to exaggerate his role, too.

But, then again, this is a man who (or whose flunkies) thought it a good idea to insert himself into the official biographies of his recent predecessors, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.

We should just roll our eyes, instead.

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(1) Sure, I recognize the Israelis could be telling their own fibs for their own purposes. Maybe. Given recent history of leaks all designed to make the boss look good, however, I’m inclined to credit Melman’s reporting more than the White House.

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Commerce Secretary Bryson under investigation over two hit & run accidents

Very bizarre story – via The Hill:

Commerce Secretary John Bryson is being investigated by law enforcement officials for allegedly causing two traffic accidents over the weekend.

A police spokesman from the San Gabriel Police Department said Bryson was cited for a felony hit-and-run after the two incidents on Saturday in California, CNN reported.

Bryson received non-threatening injuries from the accidents and was treated at a local area hospital.

A police report cited by CNN said Bryson had been driving a Lexus and rear-ended another vehicle which was stopped at a railroad crossing on Saturday night.

The Obama Commerce secretary allegedly spoke to the occupants in the other vehicle, before leaving the scene, in the process striking the other car again.

He then allegedly struck a second vehicle driven by a couple in the neighboring city of Rosemead, CNN said.

Police arriving on the scene found him unconscious in his car and he was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

More information via the LA Times:

Bryson was treated at the scene by Los Angeles County firefighters. Authorities said drugs or alcohol do not appear to have played a role in the crash. They said Bryson was cooperative. He was cited for felony hit and run but was not booked into jail because he had been admitted to the hospital. His condition was not known.

Thank goodness no one was seriously hurt.

I wonder if he had a blackout, or fell asleep or the wheel, or some type of medical condition that rendered him briefly unconscious? Hopefully we’ll learn more today during the WH press briefing.

Stay tuned.

Update: Per a Dept of Commerce spox, Bryson suffered a seizure:

The top-ranking Obama administration official involved in two car accidents over the weekend in Los Angeles had suffered a seizure, a spokeswoman in his department said Monday.

The explanation from the Commerce Department came after Commerce Secretary John Bryson was already cited for felony hit-and-run in one of the crashes.

Spokeswoman Jennifer Friedman confirmed that Bryson was involved, but pointed to medical reasons for the accidents.

“He suffered a seizure,” she said. “He was taken to the hospital for examination and remained overnight for observation. He was released and has returned to Washington. The investigation is ongoing.”

A Commerce official said Bryson was also given medication to treat the seizure.

How awful. But it’s a good sign he’s out of the hospital, at least. Hopefully he’s ok.

#BrettKimberlin: 85 GOP members of the US House sign letter urging DOJ to investigate SWAT-tings

Awesome news via the Washington Times’ Kerry Picket:

Congresswoman Sandy Adams, Florida Republican, is sending a letter, currently signed by 85 House Republicans, to Attorney General Eric Holder urging him to assign Justice Department officials to investigate the recent threat of “SWAT-tings.” (Scroll further down for letter in bold)

A SWAT-ting happens when a person calls 911 emergency dispatch services under another individual’s name and falsely claims he or she is committing a violent crime. Such an act is committed to cause local law enforcement authorities (like a SWAT team) to surround and enter the residence of an innocent individual, who was impersonated and framed for a violent crime through the 911 call. The false call can be made via the internet, so as to mask the true caller’s identity and location.

“My concern is someone is going to get hurt,” Rep. Adams told me on Friday. “It’s very dangerous for the people living in the home that didn’t call 911, because have no awareness whatsoever that something like that had happened. So they open the door to law enforcement whether it’s with or without guns drawn,” said Congresswoman Adams

“It’s a danger to the law enforcement agency that is being sent there, and it’s also a danger to the people in the community, because you’re pulling people away from what could be a real emergency.”

Congresswoman Adams is a first term Capitol Hill lawmaker and has a military and law enforcement background. Following her time in the Air Force, she served for seventeen years as a deputy sheriff in the Orange County, Florida.

“We were dispatched from 911 calls where there were shots fired and holding of a hostage. Those were the things that you went to and you’re going to want to know that,” she said.

The SWAT-ting issue caught the Florida Congresswoman’s attention when she heard that CNN contributor and Red State blogger Erick Erickson was a victim of swat in late May. Another blogger who was SWAT-ted, Patrick Frey, a Los Angeles assistant district attorney, went through the terrifying experience in July of 2011.

“Bloggers shouldn’t be targeted for exercising their first amendment right. It isn’t right these folks are being subjected to swat-ting,” said Lisa Boothe, Rep. Adams’s press secretary, who pointed out that the Florida GOP’er wants to protect first amendment rights on this issue as well.

“Years ago, when someone dialed 911 from a hard line, you could figure out where it was coming from. With mobile lines you can pretty much tell where it’s from, but when you have a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), it’s apparently making it a lot harder to do this,” said Adams.

House members on the letter to AG Holder join Senator Saxby Chambliss, Georgia Republican, and Rep. Kenny Marchant, Texas Republican, who previously called on the attorney general to investigate the recent spate of Swat-tings.

Read the whole thing, and make sure to check the bottom of the article for both the content of the letter to the DOJ and the full list of GOP Congressmen and Congresswomen who have signed on to the letter so far.  Glad to see four from the NC GOP delegation on the list (Myrick [NC9], Ellmers [NC2], McHenry [NC10], Jones [NC3]) – hopefully Virginia Foxx (NC4) and Howard Coble (NC6) will add their names as well.

That sunlight just keeps getting brighter and brighter. Awesome. :)

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