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#WarOnWomen: Self-loathing “feminists” continue war on stay at home moms

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Ah, yes – another “authentic feminist” (author Elizabeth Wurtzel) preaching to stay at home moms, especially those so-called “1% moms”, what “REAL feminism” is (bolded emphasis added by me): Failing as a feminist is a unique problem of the wealthy, but consequences impact women all the way down the line. It happens that most women — […]


A desperate President spoils the DREAM — Updated — Obama has a public hissy

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**Posted by Phineas His “reboot” speech on the economy yesterday having turned out to be a miserable flop, President Obama will unveil today Plan B: pander shamelessly to an important ethnic group: The Obama administration will stop deporting and begin giving work permits to younger illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and […]


#NCDems scandal grows as fired staffer sues re: sexual harassment allegations

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Daily Caller’s Matt Boyle provides an update: Adriadn Ortega, who was fired from the NCDP in November 2011, alleged that now former NCDP Executive Director Jay Parmley sexually harassed him. Ortega charged that his firing was retaliation for voicing complaints about Parmley’s alleged sexual harassment of him. The NCDP made a financial settlement with Ortega, […]


Obama to far-left celebs: “You’re the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes”

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President Tone Deaf spoketh to ultra-left wing celebs last night at a posh $40,000 a plate fundraiser hosted at the home of actress Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick: NEW YORK (AP) — President Barack Obama soaked in the support — and the campaign cash — of Manhattan’s elite entertainers Thursday as his […]



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Pandermonium: AP sources: Immunity offered to certain immigrants



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Scandal: UNC system president calls for board oversight of academic investigation



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Internals: Geithner proposed Hillary Clinton for Treasury secretary; WH scuttled idea


CBS News

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Campaign 2012: Portman, Ayotte and Ryan will join Romney on upcoming bus tour



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Heh: Obama Campaign Checks IDs At The Door