VIDEO: Obama explains last year why he can’t do what he did yesterday on illegal immigration

Our Panderer in Chief got it right last year in a televised Q and A on Univision (via @Nickarama1):

That was then, of course – and this is now … an election year where he’s floundering with almost all key voting blocs, so the strategy is to “win at all costs” – including at the expense of the US Constitution.

I can see November from my house.

Weekend Open Thread

What a perfect weekend for Father’s Day, at least here in Charlotte. Supposed to be 80 degrees today with low humidity, and just slightly warmer and more humid tomorrow.

I’m headed out shortly with one of the Sisters Toldjah for a much needed day of shopping and pampering. But first we’ll start off with a movie – Snow White and the Huntsman. Seeing it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the huntsman (the dude from Thor) is a hottie, just for the record. ;;)
Here’s me and my sis from earlier this year – I think from March. Enjoy your Saturday!!

ST and sis

Fun times with one of two of the three Sisters Toldjah. ; )

(Update – I hope that caption made sense! LOL)