AstroTurf Alert: Some Michigan Anti-Romney “protesters” were paid to demonstrate

Posted by: ST on June 19, 2012 at 7:30 pm

Via BuzzFeed (hat tip to Phineas):

DeWitt, Mich. — The protesters popping up at Mitt Romney’s rallies throughout Michigan Tuesday look like run-of-the-mill grassroots liberals — they wave signs about “the 99 percent,” they chant about the Republican’s greed, and they describe themselves as a loosely organized coalition of “concerned citizens.”

They’re also getting paid, two of the protesters and an Obama campaign official told BuzzFeed.

At the candidate’s afternoon stop outside a bakery in DeWitt, a group of about 15 protesters stood behind a police barricade, a few of them chanting in support of Obama. Asked why he was protesting, a man dressed in a grim reaper costume pointed a reporter to a pair of “designated representatives” standing in the shade.

“I can’t talk, you gotta get one of those people over there to talk to y’all,” he said. “They’re the ones who can talk to reporters.”

Neither of the representatives agreed to give their names, but two protesters said they were getting paid to stand outside of the rally, though their wage is unclear: one said she was getting $7.25 per hour, while another man said they were being paid $17 per hour.

Meanwhile, about 50 feet away, another protest had been organized by local Democrats in conjunction with the Obama campaign. A campaign official told BuzzFeed they had nothing to do with the other group — which he said he believed they had been sent by the labor-backed “Good Jobs Now” — and confirmed that they were being paid.

Oh well. At least they have jobs …

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3 Responses to “AstroTurf Alert: Some Michigan Anti-Romney “protesters” were paid to demonstrate”


  1. Drew the Infidel says:

    It is probably some of that leftover Wisconsin recall rabble with nothng better to do and hoping their parole officer does not find out.

  2. Carlos says:

    This is Obama’s “Jobs Plan” that will drive unemployment down to 5% by election day.

    If you don’t count all the ones who have given up looking.

    And the ones who are underemployed.

    ‘Course, come the day after the election, the unemployment rate will skyrocket again, but by then, hey, who cares? We’ll have four more years of communist takeover to look forward to!

    And speaking of improving numbers, has anyone else noticed the price of gas has been going down, and diesel is cheaper than gas in most places now? That can only be due to the wonderful policies of “Greenie” Obama, who the day after the election will make it illegal to buy more than seven teaspoons of gas a day.

    Isn’t it amazing what the government can do in the few months before an election to improve an economy that is so bad one wouldn’t use it to spread on a garden?

  3. Lorica says:

    Did anyone else see that article on Ann Romney and her using horses to help with her MS?? Then how some loser at MSDNC was laughing about it when Mitt was talking about it. What the hell is wrong with these idiots?? – Lorica