“Fan Mail”: Liberal mistakes me for a “person of color”, insinuates I’m a race traitor

LMAO! One of the funniest pieces of “fan mail” I have ever received. From “RJ” (bolded emphasis added by me):

President Obama is the best thing that has happened to this country in a very, very long time. I can’t even fathom the depth of ignorance that would allow a person of color to subscribe to the republican nonsense that is their nonexistent policy platform on anything. What Dumbass Issa is requesting of the Attorney General would cause him to break the law if he complied. AG Holder has provided everything he needs to and can on the subject.

Unbelievable that you would join in this crowd of mental midgets and halfwits concerning their ridiculous conspiracy theory. The big guys know better…they also know that they need suckers like you–loud, wrong and stupid–who will be their followers and supporters against your own best interest and the best interest of the country.

You are just another one who will find out that you are being used. Maybe they will throw you a bone for trying so hard to ignore what you see in the mirror. WAKE UP!!! They don’t like you, they don’t want you, and they will let you know that soon enough. Maybe they’ll let you fetch their coffee or take care of their children after they win.

You’re pitiful, girl…and this sister and ”toldjah”… Hope you can take the tin foil off your head long enou to listen.

Translation: You black traitor to your race!

Only problem is, I’m not black:


Moi ; )


That said, I’ll continue to defend black conservatives against this type of mindless mentality that shouts you can’t really be a black person unless you vote Democrat and line up behind Democrat policies – much of which, as has been pointed out and proven by many, has been disastrous for the black community. This same BS happens with female conservatives who don’t buy into “feminist group-think.” You “can’t be a real woman” and you are a “slave to the patriarchy” if you don’t view men and America in general as “anti-woman” and if you don’t view abortion as a “sacred right.” Same same for gay conservatives, etc.

This is just example number gabillion on the issue of Democrats supposedly having a “big tent” that welcomes “diverse viewpoints” – sure, ALL are welcomed … as long as everyone thinks exactly alike! Reminds me of this classic Bob Hope line:

I can’t really add anything to that. ;)

Disturbing: The push for mandatory voting begins

Ben Shapiro at Big Government reports (via @SkiGarmisch)

Peter Orszag, former head of the Obama Office of Management and Budget, is desperate. With even Roll Call recognizing that President Obama is fighting an uphill battle for re-election, Orszag is floating a trial balloon: mandatory voting. His call for forced voting comes in an op/ed for Bloomberg News:

The U.S. prides itself as the beacon of democracy, but it’s very likely no U.S. president has ever been elected by a majority of American adults.

It’s our own fault — because voter participation rates are running below 60 percent, a candidate would have to win 85 percent or more of the vote to be elected by a majority.

Compulsory voting, as exists in Australia and more than two dozen other countries, would fix that problem. As William Galston of the Brookings Institution argues, “Jury duty is mandatory; why not voting?”

During the 2008 election cycle, voter participation was approximately 64 percent; in 2004, it was about the same. Orszag wants that number up. Why?

Beyond simply raising participation, compulsory voting could alter the role of money in elections. Turn-out-the-vote efforts, often bankrolled by big-money groups, would become largely irrelevant. Negative advertising could be less effective, because a central aim of such ads is to discourage participation in the opponent’s camp.

It is no coincidence that Orszag is calling for mandatory voting on this basis at the same time that the Obama administration pushes against Citizens United, attempting to bridge the money gap Obama now faces against Mitt Romney. It is also no coincidence that Obama wants mandatory voting at this point in time – it is widely accepted that mandatory voting would raise participation rates in heavily Democrat-leaning populations, particularly minorities.

Anything to win ….

(Video) Why Obamacare cannot work: rights vs. commodities

**Posted by Phineas

Our discussion of “rights” in America is all muddled up. We’ve taken the concept of “natural rights — those rights inherent in Man and existing prior to any government– and mixed them up with social policy advocacy and personal desire. In other words, “my right” becomes a disguise for “I want.” Sandra Fluke’s demand that government (i.e., the taxpayer) pay for her birth control is described as a “right to health care.”

And, as we all know, a right cannot be denied.

In this latest Firewall, Bill Whittle explains why health care and other commodities (those things we pay for, such as food, cars, and health care) can never be considered “rights” and why, because of that, ObamaCare cannot work and is, indeed, dangerous to our rights:


RELATED: For more on “commodities as rights,” have a look at this overview of FDR’s “second Bill of Rights” and check out top left-liberal scholar Cass Sunstein’s book “The Second Bill of Rights: FDR’S Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More than Ever.” It really is the progressive wish list.

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