US Government: barring convicts from certain jobs is race discrimination

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We last met the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) when they asserted that big-rig truck drivers can’t lose their jobs just because they’re alcoholics.

But wait, there’s more! Topping that bit of numskullery, the EEOC has issued guidelines stating that, should a business not hire someone because he or she is a convicted criminal they can be sued for racial discrimination. Under the “disparate impact” theory, not hiring someone who happens to be Black (or Asian, or Hispanic, or…) due to their criminal past can, because minorities make up most convicted felons, be construed as “racism,” even if the hiring employer used “race-neutral” means to make their decision.

But, of course. In the modern world, that makes perfect sense.

Walter Russell Mead describes some evident (1) problems with this:

Via Meadia believes in second chances, but there are plenty of jobs where an employer would have some very practical reasons not to hire an ex-convict. What retailer in its right mind would hire convicted thieves? Shouldn’t a small business owner with many female employees and customers be concerned about hiring a convicted rapist? But according to the EEOC, if you live in an area where more minorities are convicted of crimes, your blanket ban on hiring them is in effect discriminatory.

Of course, if you comply and do hire criminals who then go on to assault or burgle your clients, and they or their insurance companies find out you either knew the employee had been convicted or didn’t do the due diligence, then you are likely to get hit with a big negligence lawsuit. Will the EEOC pay for your lawyer? Or pay any damages you are assessed?

And, as the Times piece notes, most small businesses (the rule applies to anyone with more than 15 employees) don’t actually have the means to keep track of the endless proliferation of idiotic regulations from overzealous bureaucrats without enough adult supervision. This regulation is a gift to trial lawyers everywhere, and a barrier to small business development and growth.

And, naturally, this provides a big incentive for small businesses to not go beyond 14 employees. That’ll help unemployment.

With moronic regulations like these coming out seemingly every day, it’s a wonder anyone opens a small business anymore.

(1) Evident to anyone but an EEOC bureaucrat, apparently.

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Ed Schultz: Be happy the #Heat won, because those millionaires brought attn to #Trayvon

Because misguided campaigns for “social justice” based on “facts” horribly distorted and deliberately misrepresented by the MSM (including his employer) should always be rewarded (via @adamsbaldwin):

Lebron James took a lot of crap (some deserved, some not) for his very public “decision” to ditch Cleveland for Miami a few years ago. But this March he and his Heat teammates did something that’s pretty much unprecedented in the modern era of professional sports. They got together and took a stand for justice on behalf of a slain 17-year-old kid. The act to don hoodies en masse and tweet the picture out took the story to a whole new level. It forced sports fans to sit up and pay attention to story they may have ignored otherwise. Eventually, as we know, Trayvon Martin’s killer was arrested and will now be tried by a jury of his peers. Who knows if that would have happened if Lebron and team hadn’t done what they did. What we do know is that a group of millionaires did something that their team owners and agents would have never approved. They took a stand and did the right thing. They took their responsibility as role models seriously and did something about it. That’s why everyone anywhere who cares about justice and the rule of law should feel good about a championship for Lebron and the Heat.

Slobbery devotion to sports “gods” – check. Subtle dig in at the white 1% – double check.  Complete and utter cluelessness when it comes to social justice movements and whether or not the justification for them is based 100% on reality – triple check.


Media Bias 101: What your “objective” MSM is “reporting” this week on Campaign 2012

MediaAs I’m sure you guessed, and as many of us predicted they would, our predictable mainstream media are now in full-blown “re-elect President Obama” mode, and they aren’t afraid to show it. Here are a few examples of what they felt was “important” to report this week related to President Obama, Mitt Romney, and Campaign 2012:

Tim Graham, Newsbusters – WashPost Uses Romney Sons’ Interview on ‘Conan’ to Recount Its Teenage-Haircut-Hazing Expose (But Obama’s past is strictly off limits.)

Staff, Free Beacon – Politico Reporter: Romney Only Comfortable Around “White Folks” (“Raaaaaaaacism” meme full steam ahead!)

Fox News, courtesy of SooperMexicanNBC edits Romney rally speech to portray candidate as out of touch. This happened on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” and Mitchell herself played the full version of the video a couple of days later without directly addressing the issue. Surprise.

Kyle Drennen, Newsbusters – NBC’s Williams Dismisses Holder Contempt Vote: ‘Just Looks Like More of Our Broken Politics’ (Let’s ask slain border patrol agent Brian Terry’s family if they believe Fast and Furious represents nothing more than an example of “our broken politics.”)

John Nolte, – Politico Reporter Tweets Ann Romney Penis Joke (Update: Reporter has since been suspended)

That was just a sampling. Prepare yourself. There is much more out there, and much more coming in the months ahead — especially as polls show Romney either gaining on Obama or leading.

Flashback – from ST: