3 thoughts on “(Video) The Most Arrogant Man In The World — UPDATED

  1. How about “most arrogant gasbag”? If he is ever caught in a rainstorm he will drown simply from having his nose jacked up so high in the air.

  2. Instead of wedding gifts, tell your guests to donate to Obama.

    Well, of course. Because who is more important? You lowly serfs who by Obama’s kind graces are allowed to marry (even if you’re not both male or female)? You pathetic souls who aren’t worthy of breathing the same air as His Magnificence? Or The One Who Makes the Oceans Fall And The Sun Rise In The Morning?

    Instead of being so self-absorbed as to celebrate your puny and irrelevant nuptials, you should request, nay, demand, that tribute be made to The Lord of All 57 States.

    One wonders if the Obama campaign will have flunkies leafing through newspaper wedding announcements, taking names, and pressuring the newlyweds to donate all their gifts to Obama. It would be entirely in character for them.

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