#RobertsCare – the new term for #ObamaCare

Posted by: ST on June 28, 2012 at 10:41 am

Great term by @AlexMarlow.

Chief Justice Roberts saves the day … for the Obama administration. Read more here.

And do I have confidence that Romney will repeal this monstrosity if he becomes President. No. I do not.


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11 Responses to “#RobertsCare – the new term for #ObamaCare”


  1. Obama SWORE and argued to death that the mandate WAS NOT A TAX… now it is, how bout that

    Also, the Medicare provision appears very problematic for the bill… the state exchanges can’t be forced upon the states like ObamaCare needs to work. Remember Christie refused to do it until the ruling… WELL, he won today- and other states can tell Obama NO too.

    That’s seems as disabling as if the mandate was shot down…

  2. Bill says:

    We have lost our Republic to a Monarchy of many! Sad day for the American people and our Constitution. RIP USA.

  3. Lorica says:

    How can you defend the individual mandate as a tax when it was not passed as a tax law…. WTF Roberts?!?!?! These people are so incredibly deceived. This is definately the wrong time for a President Romney, but I will definately vote for him and all tea party members just to get rid of this monstrosity. – Lorica

  4. kevin c. says:

    I am confident that Justice Roberts made the right decision, after all the Republicans would never have put someone like Roberts on the Supreme Court, let alone as chief justice, unless he would do the work of the conservatives. First RomneyCare spawns Obamacare which spawns the latest version RobertsCare. I will vote for Romney and hope he does away with RobertsCare and we go nationally with the original health care birther RomneyCare. Yes Romney will insist that Romneycare become the law of the land.

  5. Judy says:

    Sister help me tell ’em, it’s obamaDONTcare! Pelosidontcare. Reiddontcare. Robertsdontcare. I’m seeing a pattern.

  6. Great White Rat says:

    OK, so the strategy is now clear: ObamaCare now becomes a central issue in the 2012 campaign. Romney MUST now emphasize that his first act as president will be sending a repeal bill to Congress.

    Granted, it’s not as believable a pledge as if, say, Gingrich or Cain had made it, but that’s the field we find ourselves on.

    By the way, if this is now a TAX, I assume no one has to pay it unless they make over $250K, right? I mean, didn’t Obama promise us that??

  7. Sefton says:

    I mean, didn’t Obama promise us that??

    GWR – I know you’re being rhetorical with the question, because you and I both know that Obama is a pathological liar.

  8. Foxx says:

    Remember, you put these people in office. You suffere the consquences of your actions or inactions whenever you decide you want to punish one party over another. If you didn’t want this to happen you seriously need to up your political game by being in engaged.

    I am so sick and tired of this crap from conservatives. YOu let this country go this direction for too long and only now your starting to catch on that everything is about to be taken from you.

    YOu have absolutely no one to blame but yourselves.

  9. Great White Rat says:

    If you didn’t want this to happen you seriously need to up your political game by being in engaged.

    Nonsense. Were you born yesterday? You obviously weren’t paying attention all during the past few election cycles. Conservatives have been constantly sounding the alarms about Obama’s socialist convictions and Alinskyite methods. We have NOT been silent.

    There are three groups of people who are to blame for this.

    First are the hard-core leftists, like Obama and most of his administration. These are the people who distrust the people, who think they should dictate to the rest of us, who dislike and want to “fundamentally change” the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

    Second are the government-dependency types. These are the sheep who have been trained to think that the government is supposed to take care of their every need. This is mainly that 49% of the population that pays no taxes, but has their hand out looking for the next benefit. This bunch was easily led to vote for Obama by the first group.

    Third is the mushy middle voter group. These are the people who were swayed by the media adulation of Obama (and vilification of Bush or Palin), or by the mindless ‘hope-and-change’ chants, or by some silly idea that if they didn’t vote for Obama, they’d be racists. This is the group that needs to wake up (and shows some signs of waking up), not the conservatives.

    Don’t believe that many of us were fully engaged before this? This web site has archives. Go back and check the posts for the summer and fall of 2010, or better yet, of 2008. Read the posts and the comments. But don’t try handing us any crap about how the people who were shouting the warnings are somehow responsible for this.

  10. Hey Sis, buck-up: Rep Michele Bachmann (my hero) says Romney looked her in the eye and SWORE ‘Michele, I WILL repeal ObamaCare’- and ‘on more than one occasion’

    Good enough for her… good enough for me