#ObamaCare : A little evidence liberals may not savor this win for too long

Posted by: Phineas on June 29, 2012 at 1:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

A whole lot of the wrong people (in their view) just got very motivated yesterday:

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Let’s remember, until almost the end in 2010, the left “misunderestimated” the public’s anger at having ObamaCare shoved down their throats and thought they would retain the House. What they got instead was the “Great Shellacking.” This kind of spontaneous money-bomb should have them giving each other nervous looks.

And yet… They’re doing it again. (1) They’re making us angry. They won’t like it when we’re angry.

Remember in November. Let’s give them “The Great Shellacking II.”

(1) Really. This is what professional Democrats and progressives think of you. Keep that in mind. And tell your friends. And while you’re at it, thank Mr. Gaspard for being so honest.

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  • 16 Responses to “#ObamaCare : A little evidence liberals may not savor this win for too long”


    1. SpideyTerry says:

      I’m going to echo the sentiment I had when I first read about their great fundraising yesterday: HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    2. Zippy says:

      Impressive indeed!

    3. Zippy says:

      I just read a quote from Chief Justice Roberts which was like a stab in my heart. “It is not our job to protect the people for the consquences of their political choices”

      How’s that for a kick in the rear?

    4. Drew the Infidel says:

      This entire scenario was evident immediately after the mid-term elections in 2010 when Obhammud and the rest of his potentate carried on “business as usual”, the results of being shellacked sailing over their heads like a flock of geese. There is an old country saying, “There is no education in the second kick from a mule.” Five will get you ten they do not answer the bell for round two.

    5. Dana says:

      Zippy, did you think that was their job?

    6. Zippy says:

      In all truth Dana, I thought it was their job to uphold the Constitution of this United States of America .. but his comment is arrogant, IMO.

    7. madconductor says:

      I believe it was the dumocrat party chair that tweeted yesterday morning – “It’s constitutional, bitches!”.

      Such class. They are feeling quite arrogant today. Let’s see how they feel after Nov. election.

    8. John A says:

      When the Republicans asked to be included in formulating the Act, BHO said words to the effect of “I won. So shut up.”

      Yesterday he said much the same. “It’s Constitutional, so I won. Stop fighting it, and me.”

    9. Carlos says:

      He doesn’t have a clue (nor do Democraps in general) that the fight isn’t with him specifically. He’s just the face of the assault on the Constitution by everyone from petty tyrant bureaucrats in your hometown enforcing what they perceive as “the greater good” to congresscritters, the President and the judiciary reaching further and further into our personal freedoms and responsibilities.

      And such an attitude that dissed the common voter as too stupid to know how to live their own lives is growing ever-larger from the local to the national stage.

      Time for a revolution, maybe? Kick it off in November!

    10. Marshall Art says:

      “It is not our job to protect the people for the consquences of their political choices”

      I agree with this so long as what the people want is constitutional. And despite the fact that polls show the people do NOT want this, those representatives of the people who voted for it speak for those who elected them. Thus, it IS the peoples’ fault that Obamacare is now law, for they put into office the very people who voted for it, the very people the voters elected to speak for them.

      I haven’t read any of the decisions either for or against, but I wonder if it was argued before the Court by opponents that the mere notion of the federal gov’t involving itself in this industry is within its Constitutionally guided duties. I can’t think of where one could find it.

    11. @Marshall Art–Good points but to refine just a bit, the health care bill was passed without a single Republican vote.

    12. Carlos says:

      @Drew: That’s because when one has an overwhelming majority, one doesn’t have to compromise.

      Now that Duh-1 does not have an overwhelming majority in either house of Congress, it is the obstructionist Republicans’ fault nothing is getting done.

      Never mind he told the Republicans to stuff it when they wanted a voice in shaping the legislation.

      And never mind that the obstruction in Congress to passing any legislation at all is the Democrat leader in the Senate, the Honorable (!!!???) Harry Reid, who wouldn’t know a compromise if it slapped him upside the head because he’s been punch-drunk for so many years from his short time as a professional punching bag.

    13. Marshall Art says:


      While what you say is true, “the people” is a body that elected those who DID pass the bill. Not enough of us who individually voted for the smarter guys did not or could not persuade those who didn’t to join us. The consequences are shared by both groups as one body called the USofA. Thus, despite the best efforts of some, we as a nation did this to ourselves.

    14. Carlos says:

      From Nazi Pelousy: She said Republicans “will ask for repeal, repeal of all the things … that help children, help young adults, help seniors, help men or women who may have prostate cancer, breast cancer, whatever it is, any precondition. And everybody will have lower rates, better quality care and better access.”

      That would be a debate with the jackasses I’d be drooling over. I would concentrate on her last sentence, all of which has been, is and will be demonstrably false – the Big Lie. Unless, of course, one is willing to suspend disbelief and accept what jackasses say: “Well, the rate of increase in the costs of premiums would have been twice as much if we didn’t have this bill. And it’s not our fault so many doctors are retiring or moving out of the country, slowing down access to health care and making health care decisions even more tenuous.”

      In other words, Nazi, “Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!”

    15. @Marshall Art–We get a chance to capitalize on the gains made in the 2010 mid-terms come November and keep doing this every two years until the vermin are flushed out.