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July 6, 2012

#NC8: Rep. Kissell [D] loses support of local black leadership caucus PAC

As I wrote a few days ago, NC8’s Larry Kissell already has an uphill battle going into the fall election what with being an elected Democrat in a district that has been redrawn in such a way that makes it more favorable for a Republican to win.  In an attempt to appeal to those voters, Kissell will vote next week to repeal ObamaCare, voted to hold Atty Gen. Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, may skip out on attending the DNC here in Charlotte, and has announced he will not endorse Barack Obama.  This, unsurprisingly, has ruffled the feathers of a local black leadership caucus PAC – which announced yesterday it will not support Kissell in his bid to stay in office:.....   [Read More]