Romney speaks to the NAACP

Am unable to watch or hear the speech Romney is giving the NAACP right now but I’m keeping up a bit via Seesmic on my phone. He is getting mostly boos, of course, and a few applause here and there. From the live tweets I’m seeing of it, it doesn’t sound like he’s pandering – which of course is a good thing – and did say he was going to repeal Obamacare, which brought about “sustained boos” from the crowd.

Anyone out there watching it? Your thoughts? President Obama isn’t giving a speech there this year. Then again, he doesn’t have to to win their support …

One thought on “Romney speaks to the NAACP

  1. The interesting and ironic result of yesterday’s speech to the NAACP by GOP candidate Romney is that the American public believes if you are black, it is acceptable to be racist. I wonder what these same people would say when 0bamaCare DENIES a loved one of theirs–a surgery or a medical treatment?

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