Proof the end is near: Woman panhandles for … breast implants

Because you might need a break from politics today:

AKRON, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – Panhandlers often are considered down on their luck drug addicts or booze hounds, but a woman in Akron is panhandling for a different reason.

According to WKYC-TV, Chrissy Lance, 37, is trying to get the money together for breast augmentation surgery.

Lance camps out on the corner of Manchester Road and Carnegie Avenue in a tiny bikini on top of a motorcycle with a sign that says “Not Homeless Need Boobs.”

Lance, a student and single mother who works as a barmaid, says she was inspired by beggars in her city and acquired a panhandling license before she took up her sign.

“I see people panhandling every day,” Lance told WKYC, “so why not panhandle for boobs?”

*Slams head against wall*

6 thoughts on “Proof the end is near: Woman panhandles for … breast implants

  1. My favorite panhandler sign read, “Why lie? I need a beer.” But never give money to one of those counterfeit homeless types who wears a better wristwatch than you.

  2. You need a license to panhandle, but no “official documentation” like an identification card to simply vote for your local & federal government representatives? Friggin’ ridiculous!!

  3. Oh, I don’t know. It might not be so bad.

    If I give her money do I get to, uh, “inspect” the results of my charity?


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