The #CoExist farce: True liberal “tolerance” explained

From my Twitter buddy @kesgardner:

Liberal tolerance

Know anyone like this?

If I had a nickel for every liberal I have come across like that in my lifetime I could retire. I actually enjoy passionate, spirited, respectful debates. But not with hypocrites.

BTW, this bumper sticker is much better.

Love it!

Heh. ;)

6 thoughts on “The #CoExist farce: True liberal “tolerance” explained

  1. You DID notice that the “tolerant” lib has a Mercedes logo on her shirt? So she’s either materialistic or she’s stupid.

  2. I lost a longtime friend on Facebook yesterday because of, in her words, my “venom-filled” and “hateful” posts. Yet she posts of crude things about conservatives herself sometimes.

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  4. I have also lost “friends” on FB because I challenged them. The last one was a while back, when I told her that only liberals use the term “tea-bagger”, and that referring to people by sexual practices was not much different than referring to black people by the “n” word. I am about to lose another one because he is referring to Michelle Bachman as “bat-shit crazy” because she wants to know if Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff is a mole for the Muslim Brotherhood. I challenged him on that one – nicely, I was polite, but I pointed out “what if it is true?” Not like it is a close friend, no big loss.

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