(Video) All the reasons you need to reelect Obama!

Posted by: Phineas on July 17, 2012 at 2:48 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Bill Whittle’s excited. He’s just read an article giving over a thousand reasons to vote for Obama and, by golly, he’s fired up for Hope and Change and … Wait. Something’s odd here:

Ah, that cleared it all up. With a record like that, ladies and gentlemen, I think we all know how to vote.

PS: One small quibble. The weapons supplied in Fast and Furious were semi-automatics, not full-autos. Still scandalous and deadly, though.

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7 Responses to “(Video) All the reasons you need to reelect Obama!”


  1. cuchieddie says:

    Does anyone know when the non-union carpenters will begin building the gallows outside the fence @ 1600? I’d like to get some photos to send to my grand kids.

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    The bin Laden episode in a nutshell: Obhammud was born in a log cabin he built with his own two hands. Over time, and through sheer wit, cunning, and guile became pres..ent of the US and tracked down an international terrorist mere mortals had wasted ten years pursuing. Upon correctly guessing bin Laden’s location he flew his Blackhawk chopper to the compound, kicked in the autopilot to hover, slid down the rapelling line, killed the terrorist, then hauled his carcass out on his shoulders using his free hand to gun down the protection detail. Using one hand, he shinnied back up to the chopper and flew it to a waiting ship. There he singlehandedly performed a burial at sea on the terrorist (he knows Muslim rituals so well) while others dropped dead from amazement or stood agog in a catatonic state as he flew away to DC to his barracuda-in-waiting.

    Now you know.

  3. Sefton says:

    Drew – by the time our indoctrinating public school system gets this in the history books, it should look similar to your account; complete with photo (artist’s depiction) of Obhammud with a Rambo bandana tied around his forehead and lugging a .50 cal in his arm.

  4. Drew the Infidel says:

    I forgot to mention that in addition to bin Laden being killed, at last report he was still dead. There.

  5. Neo says:

    “When I have to expand my business and need money to do that, who puts up their home as collateral for the loan ? It’s certainly not somebody else.”

    .. unless you’re an Obama contributor with an enterprise like Solyndria.

  6. pennalto says:

    The only reason that I would vote for Obummer is if somebody had a very large bazooka to my head. And then I would have to think about it.

  7. Great White Rat says:


    lugging a .50 cal in his arm.

    They’ll have to photoshop out the 9-iron before editing in the .50 cal.