Profiling? Black Mayor Pro Tem of Dunn, NC blames “saggy pants” for drug sales, murder

Via Raleigh’s WRAL:

Dunn, N.C. — Dunn Mayor Pro Tem Carnell Robinson says sagging pants are bringing down the city’s image.

He wants to enact an ordinance prohibiting the fashion statement, which is typified by men whose underwear is visible above the waist of their pants.

Under Robinson’s proposal, the first two violations would result in a warning. The third time, violators could face a fine of up to $200.

“I believe this form of dress is totally disrespectful,” Robinson said Wednesday. “(This is) just a simple matter of the community re-establishing some standards.”

He says that higher community standards will result in lower crime.

Saggy pants “is part of a culture that breeds drug sales, drug addictions, crime and murder,” Robinson said. “That is not what I want for our community.”


The proposal will be up for discussion at the Dunn City Council’s August meeting. Robinson said he drafted his proposal based on a similar ordinance in Tuscumbia, Ala., one of several towns in the nation that has banned saggy pants.

I remember not long after the Trayvon Martin controversy started to make national headlines and the mainstream media went on a disinformation spree, a very heated debate – prompted by Geraldo Rivera – erupted on the issue of so-called “hoodie profiling.” Rivera insisted that had Martin not been wearing a hoodie he would still be alive. Some who believed Zimmerman was a cold-blooded murderer asserted angrily that Martin was unfairly targeted by Zimmerman simply because the high school teenager was “black” and “wearing a hoodie.” Protests across America saw (mostly) black Americans (including showboating politicians and celebrities) show “solidarity” with the dead teen by wearing hoodies. Martin family supporters changed their Twitter profile pictures to display an assortment of hoodies. Lebron James tweeted a picture of the Miami Heat wearing hoodies to show they stood shoulder to shoulder with the Martin family.

With that in mind, I wonder how much blowback this mayor will receive for his remarks, which suggest that the majority of crimes are committed by people wearing baggy pants? I suspect he won’t receive much, if any heat, outside of the “respectful” variety because not only is he a black Democrat but he’s a black Democrat who supports President Obama.

In actuality, a thoughtful, candid discussion about the sensitive issue of “profiling” is necessary but unfortunately we have left wing bureaucrats and other assorted varieties of self-important public figures who immediately jump on the race card boat anytime this issue crops up, which stifles the debate and scares people off. Would America be better off if we could have this type of open and honest discussion without the raaaacism charge being flung or is it an outrage to suggest profiling of any kind is necessary to deter crime, with no debate needed?

I’m interested in your thoughts. Ready, set, go.

The Dependency Agenda is the Democrats’ Agenda

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To promote the publication of their latest Broadside, Encounter Books has released the following video that illustrates the real reason behind the welfare state and, especially, Johnson’s “Great Society:” the creation of a permanent class of voters dependent on federal largesse who, in order to keep those checks coming, would also be reliable Democratic voters.

Cynicism, defined:

Think I’m just a foaming at the mouth right-winger? Consider: As the video points out, the so-called War on Poverty not only stopped the decline of poverty in its tracks, it increased it by keeping people dependent. The poverty rate under Obama is the highest it’s ever been since the Census Bureau started measuring it. Welfare reforms passed under Clinton, meant to encourage people to get off welfare as quickly as possible, have been gutted. Food Stamps are no longer a temporary, emergency measure to help the most needy, but something you encourage as many people as possible to get on, even throwing parties to celebrate dependence.

While I’m sure some liberals supported these measures out of a genuine (and genuinely misguided) desire to help people, the real goal is to create a patron-client relationship that will ensure Democratic majorities for generations to come, just as the New Deal did from 1932 to 1994. Or, as LBJ put it, when speaking about his Great Society program:

“I’ll have those ni**ers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

Cynical? Nah…

The Dependency Agenda is available in both paper and Kindle formats.

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(Video) Plucking the low-hanging fruit

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Hey, if Obama is going to do something so stupid as to tell small business owners they didn’t build their businesses, don’t blame Romney for taking advantage of it again and again, all the way through November.

The latest:

And I’m willing to bet there are plenty more incensed small business owners waiting in the wings, ready to tell President “Too Busy to Meet With My Jobs Council” where he can shove his opinions.

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#DNC2012 “regrets” offending Ann Romney with show horses clips? Yeah right.

More from the Season of Silly files:

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now the Democratic National Committee is offering an apology of sorts to Ann Romney.

At issue is a DNC video featuring footage of Ann Romney’s dancing show horse. The DNC used the horse in mocking way to attack Mitt Romney for not releasing his tax returns (and dancing around the issue).

The DNC introduced the video as the first in a series of videos featuring the horse, which is owned jointly by Ann and Mitt Romney.

Ann Romney, who trains with show horses as part of her therapy for multiple sclerosis, took offense in an interview with Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America,” and now the DNC is saying it will put out no more horse videos, and is expressing regret for offending Ann Romney.

“Our use of the Romneys’ dressage horse was not meant to offend Mrs. Romney in any way, and we regret it if it did,” DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse told ABC News. “We were simply making a point about Governor Romney’s failure to give straight answers on a variety of issues in this race. We have no plans to invoke the horse any further to avoid misinterpretation.”

Note that say they “regret” it but they don’t apologize for it –because in their eyes, there’s nothing for which to apologize. And you can best believe they don’t really “regret” the use of the images, either. Saying they do is just a front. But you can guarantee if the GOP ever used, in an attempt to take a dig at President Obama, clips of Michelle Obama engaged in something recreational for therapy purposes, perpetually outraged Democrats – alongside their allies in the mainstream media and the punditocracy – would be screaming from the rafters for a retraction/apology, etc. Oh, and of course it would be “raaacist”, on top of everything else.

As I’ve written several times before, this is the left’s MO – has been for many, many election cycles but it is especially this year as they are desperate to keep the White House and the Senate, and not lose numbers in the US House. They will fling all kinds of mud and poo in hopes that something sticks, and if it generates controversy – such as the nasty direct attacks on Ann Romney’s stay at home mom creds from so-called “feminists” that took place earlier this year, they make sure they have a “fall guy/gal” in place who is willing and eager to “fall onto their swords” … “for the cause.” They don’t care if their attacks are illegitimate and/or disrespectful and out of bounds. The idea is to get the accusations and imagery out there to saturate the minds of the mainstream public in hopes that enough minds will be “changed” on the political opposition to keep Barack Obama in the WH, and to keep what power they have in the House and Senate.

In the case of using Ann Romney’s show horses (which the NYT also “reported” on several weeks ago – and then there was this), the insinuation behind them is to remind people the Romney’s are “rich”, as if that’s supposed to matter in the scheme of things. The DNC, as noted before previously by myself and many others, have launched a full-scale brutal class warfare scheme as a basis for their election/reelection this year, and they think that at this time –with so many people still treading water and looking for work, and businesses refusing to take investment chances thanks to our hostile-to-business President and administration – class envy on the part of a struggling citizenry is going to play well with voters. This is a strategy that staunch conservatives categorically reject, and they will demonstrate so at the polls when they cast their votes. We just have to pray independent and so-called “swing voters” will, too. If they don’t, Obama’s next term will be dramatically worse and far more dangerous because he won’t have to worry about getting reelected.

Just the very thought … *shivers*