Ask @Markos: What kind of “man” uses a candidate’s wife to score cheap political points?

The unhinged Markos Moulitsas, that’s who.

I won’t even excerpt the post, outside of posting the title: “What kind of man ditches his wife out of political fear?” (I riffed off his title, as you can see). In short, he called Mitt Romney a “d*ck” for allegedly “ditching” his Mrs. Romney and her horse Rafalca – a horse that competed in the dressage competition at the Olympics today – due to the flack he’s gotten about his wealth. Just read it. And then you’ll see why Michelle Malkin’s response was spot-on:


Indeed. Mocking dead military contractors, insinuating conservative MSNBC show host Joe Scarborough murdered an a former staffer while he was a Congressman from FL, using a presidential candidate’s wife to take cheap shots at the candidate himself, not to mention a blog entry yesterday by a “diarist” at the Kos site who “seriously” believes Mitt Romney has the early stages of Alzheimer’s …

In short, who is the real “d*ck” here? I report, you decide ……

Video proof: What really happened yesterday at Chick-fil-A

**Posted by Phineas

Yesterday was a “national day of appreciation” for Chick-fil-A, a national chicken sandwich (and other stuff) chain, which had come under fire from the reactionary, ignorant, and nigh-Fascist Left, which had called for boycotts and even threatened to deny business licenses, all because President and COO Dan Cathy said in an interview that he held to the Biblical definition of marriage, that it is between one man and one woman. The company in no way discriminates in their service or employment, but, well, that wasn’t good enough for the Defenders of True Tolerance. Chick-fil-A had to be punished for one man’s Wrong Thought.

Boy did they get a surprise, yesterday.

But pictures don’t tell the whole story, so intrepid reporters Ben Howe and Bruce Carroll made a videolog of their trip to a local Chick-fil-A.

What they found was shocking:

Now, that’s what I call “Gaydar!”

Seriously, the reaction of the Left and of Liberal Fascists such as Mayors Rahm Emanuel, Tom Menino, and Ed Lee has been beyond all reason. Don’t like the owner’s personal opinion? Don’t shop at his store. Tell your friends. But don’t invoke the power of the State to destroy his business, his employee’s jobs, and the businesses of his franchisees, who may not even share his opinion. If guys like Dan Cathy get punished for a private opinion, if they don’t have freedom of conscience, none of us do.

And the proper way to deal with the reactionary Left is what we saw yesterday and in the above video: support and mockery. Show your support by buying some of the attacked person’s products and make fun of the Left. They can’t handle being mocked, and their reactions are amusing.

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