(Video) In which Bill Whittle tries to depress me. And succeeds

Posted by: Phineas on August 5, 2012 at 4:21 pm

**Posted by Phineas

I’ve mentioned before that I consider myself  a child of the space program, following the heroics of our astronauts from Mercury to Apollo and even getting to stay home from school on launch days. When the government program declined, I took heart in private efforts to put Mankind into space, and I was happy that California, my home state, the state that had achieved so much in aerospace and technology, was taking the lead in private space efforts, hosting two of the budding industry’s leading companies.

And then I watched this:

But at least we get a high-speed train to nowhere

Confiscatory taxes, insane regulation, and a state government controlled by a party dedicated to looting the taxpayer to pay for a spoils system that rewards its clients, instead of governing for the good of all. California’s only success these days is in driving its most productive people elsewhere.

Will the last business to leave California please turn out the lights? 

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12 Responses to “(Video) In which Bill Whittle tries to depress me. And succeeds”


  1. The Griper says:

    no reason to feel depressed. stories like this just gives us Californians added reason to move out of California and make a better life for ourselves too. :)

  2. Carlos says:

    Y’all could move to Siberia or Outer Mongolia and make a better life for yourselves, if freedom didn’t make that much difference to ya.

    Oh, wait. Forget about the freedom comment. Y’all live in California, what with its pencil-neck pea-brained guvner and home of the botox queen of socialism.

    And CHiPs who wouldn’t give a motorist a break if their lives depended on it because they need the cash flow so badly.

    Yeah, California, how’s that liberal socialism workin’ fer ya now? I know the rest of the nations just waitin’ with bated breath fer y’all to demand we bail y’all out from your own insanity, with no promise ta mend yer ways. But that’s OK, I guess, ’cause there’s ’nuff RINO Grahams around and a former MA guvner who’d just love to buy yer votes, just like the jackasses have been doin’ fer decades…

  3. Drew the Infidel says:

    One of the standard features of local government in TX is what is known as an “economic development” component. The news of Xcor coming was gladly welcomed here in George W. Bush’s hometown thanks to the efforts of Midland Development Corp.

  4. Big Mike says:

    Griper: You’re welcome here in Texas, as long as you don’t bring California voting stupidity with you!

    There are lots of California (and Northeast U.S.) escapees who have not learned, and are trying to re-make Texas in the image of the Golden/Garden State.

  5. Jim McDonald says:

    Thanks for the posting. Mr. Whittle is always a breath of fresh air. I lived in Texas in the 80’s and it was great.

  6. Txbatman says:

    Thanks Cali, Arnold, and Jerry. Thanks for sending all your business our way. Just be sure and keep your politics. We dont want to become Colorado. If liberals would only learn about free market economics, life would be so much easier.

  7. mudguy says:

    What else would you expect from California. They are just following Obummer’s thinking. They are even trying to restrict the import of eggs on the size of the cages that are used. Anybody would be insane to want to move to California to start a business. California is a good place to be from.

  8. Chris in N.Va. says:

    States — a place nominally wherein people could be free to “experiment” and see whether proposed policies prove to actually be beneficial before unleashing them on the rest of the nation.

    Or not!???

    But then again, the hell-roadway-paving-stones of “good intentions” are all that Libs need as a reason to use their sledgehammers to smite whatever mites they see crawling across the bottom of their glass-bottom boats.

    *crash!*….blub, blub, blub….

  9. Carlos says:

    “But then again, the hell-roadway-paving-stones of “good intentions” are all that Libs need as a reason to use their sledgehammers to smite whatever mites they see crawling across the bottom of their glass-bottom boats.”

    I love that, Chris! Is it open for free use?

  10. The Griper says:

    he smiles, Thanks, Big Mike, but don’t worry, i was a Texan long before becoming a Californian. Spent many a night on the Galveston beaches on the weekends. i became a Californian when California was Reagan country.

  11. Carlos says:

    Yahoo! News headline: Obama warns ‘Romney Hood’ will take from poor, give to rich

    And if there’s two things Obama knows it’s how to steal and ‘hoods.

  12. Steph says:

    Folks, California is the shining example of all the bad things that can happen to a totally progressive nation….a major fail! If the state government keeps this insanity going, the only people left will be the gay community who will be paying for all the illegals’ benefits. California is not family-friendly nor is it business-friendly. People are leaving by the car full. Rental truck company are charging a surcharge on one-way rentals out of the state. I wish we had the money to leave here and I fervently wish my adult kids would see the light and move too!:((