#JustABlogger spots the collusion between super PAC & #Obama2012, while MSM ignores

Posted by: ST on August 9, 2012 at 6:27 pm

MediaBreitbart.com writer RB does the digging and research that the MSM won’t do and connects the dots between super PAC Priorities USA and the Obama 2012 campaign on Joe Soptic’s participation in Romney hit-piece ads for both.  Moe Lane has screencaps of the ads and notes their similarities, and the only conclusion that can be reached – at least by yours truly – is that collusion (which is illegal) definitely happened.

I’ve seen a couple of news outlets (one here) report on what the campaign itself is now admitting they lied about (that they supposedly “did not” know Soptic’s story)  but don’t hold your breath waiting for a 24-7 push for answers on the collusion angle.  It is an election year, after all, and the mainstream media at large are well into “Re-elect Our Guy” mode.

With that in mind, thank goodness for “just a blogger” types – right, Juan Williams? ;)

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5 Responses to “#JustABlogger spots the collusion between super PAC & #Obama2012, while MSM ignores”


  1. BBHunter says:

    – The Obama camp is now channeling Kerry:

    “We didn’t know about that story, but that was before we knew about it.”

    – In the mean time another Obama rat-PAC is airing an ad depicting Allen West beating an elderly white woman. I can just imagine the clutching of pearls, rending of hair, and shrill loud screeches of “raaaaaacism” we’d be hearing if Romneys camp did anything remotely like that.

    – Also Today Jug ears out did himself in the “lack of self awareness” category taking the gold medal for anti-free market rhetoric.

    “Governor Romney is always bragging about his job creation experience, but all he ever did was invest in companies.” – unquote.

    – Yes. He actually said that. Out loud. In public.

  2. Carlos says:

    Why wouldn’t they lie about this? After all, 1) they lie about everything anyway, and 2) collusion between the Obama campaign and the super PAC would be illegal, and this admin feels right at home lying about the illegal things it has done (think F&F, Philadelphia voter intimidation, failure to prosecute anyone at Goldman Sachs for criminal activity, creating executive orders to bypass constitutionally mandated procedures, etc., etc., etc. – the list is nearly endless).

    One tends to think “What schlubs!” about this administration, but we, the people, voted him in so it’s our fault for not getting the truth out before so many people fell in love with the devil.

  3. In the ads this Soptic slob did for each the campaign and super-pace he was wearing the same shirt. It does not take McGruff the Crime Dog to figure this one out.

  4. Lambchop says:

    It’s not just the lying – but it’s the blatant disregard for rules, decency and agreements. While its not surprising, it is somewhat depressing. The Obama “campaign” – Axelrod, Cutter, Plouffe, et al. are bound together by desperation and a willingness to say/do anything necessary to get this unqualified, anti-American Manchurian candidate back in office. Where are the consequences?

  5. Brontefan says:

    The connection is illegal, unless I miss my guess. So why do Liberals get to break the law, use hate speech, engage in race baiting, etc. but the minute someone else does it–they scream foul. Where are the consequences? Where are the lawsuits? It appears now more than ever–the double standard is widening… with “passes” and media hype and “waivers” and just plain lies from our highest elected office.