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#JustABlogger spots the collusion between super PAC & #Obama2012, while MSM ignores

MediaBreitbart.com writer RB [1] does the digging and research that the MSM won’t do and connects the dots between super PAC Priorities USA and the Obama 2012 campaign [2] on Joe Soptic’s participation in Romney hit-piece ads for both.  Moe Lane has screencaps [3] of the ads and notes their similarities, and the only conclusion that can be reached – at least by yours truly – is that collusion (which is illegal) definitely happened.

I’ve seen a couple of news outlets (one here [4]) report on what the campaign itself is now admitting they lied about (that they supposedly “did not” know Soptic’s story)  but don’t hold your breath waiting for a 24-7 push [5] for answers on the collusion angle.  It is an election year, after all, and the mainstream media at large are well into “Re-elect Our Guy” mode.

With that in mind, thank goodness for “just a blogger” types – right, Juan Williams [6]? ;)