#DNC2012 chair walks back faux ignorance about @PrioritiesUSA’s political affiliation

That didn’t take long:

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz acknowledged on Monday that she knew where a major liberal super PAC’s political sympathies lay, a day after she said she had “no idea” where Priorities USA Action stood.

Her initial comment came on “Fox News Sunday” as Wasserman Schultz tried to distance the Democratic Party from an especially controversial ad the group produced. But she walked back that line Monday morning on CNN’s “Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien.

“Soledad, of course I know the Priorities USA super PAC is a Democratic-affiliated super PAC,” Wasserman Schultz said. “But the point I was trying to make was that ad was produced by a separate organization, an organization that we don’t coordinate with, that we have nothing to do with.”

Um, no ya didn’t, Debbie – you lied thinking you wouldn’t be called out on it, but you were. By other politicians, by political pundits, voters, and even reliable left wing media outlets like CNN.  You lose.

And she’s not the only one.  Earlier today, Slate’s Matt Yglesias – a prominent liberal blogger – posted what, on the surface, looked to be very a troubling case of insider trading by our veep nominee Rep. Paul Ryan based on what he read at lefty blog The Richmonder.  This was repeated at several other left wing blogs, but National Review Online’s Jim Geraghty smelled a rat, debunked it properly, and as a result Yglesias issued retractions both on the article and his Twitter feed. The popular left wing site TPM noted the potentially ruinous-for-RomneyRyan story was “quickly debunked.”

The lies have been coming out fast and furious (no pun intended) for months now, and even more so now that Mitt Romney has officially named his running mate.  I got several Obama campaign emails this weekend trying to tell me “who Paul Ryan is.”  Now that all the players are in place, Democrats and their outside groups like Priorities USA are now in the middle of a major full court press not only to try and turn Mitt Romney into a heartless villain who let a woman die of cancer, but also to make Rep. Ryan – a familiar nemesis to President Obama – as a guy who wants to “end Medicare” … and in effect push grandma off a cliff.

Get it? Women and elderly are the “victims” of the rich, cruel, and stingy, and the Democrats are – natch’ – their “saviors.” So you need to vote for them or “you will die!”

It’s nauseating but predictable, so get used to it. And arm yourself with the actual facts so whenever any of these half-truths and lies come up in the course of conversation, whether it be due to an ad that has run or a evening news report from the LSM that sounds more like Democrat talking points, you can soundly, passionately … and respectfully … debunk it.   Don’t let this election be lost by the GOP due, in part, to unanswered falsehoods spread by the Obama campaign, left wing pundits, and the MSM. Do your part, by voting, of course, but also by helping to educate those who – for whatever reason – haven’t done so themselves.  This election is too critical to look the other way.

Update – 6:11 PM: It just wasn’t a good day for DWS. Watch as Wolf Blitzer takes her to task on the DNC’s false Medicare attacks.

Kurtz: Don’t expect the culture wars to end any time soon

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Rock’em-Sock’em Politics?

National Review’s Stanley Kurtz (1) looks at the “Red/Blue map” of America that first became famous in the 2000 election, then considers the current race with its sharp ideological contrast between Obama-Biden and Romney-Ryan, and comes to the conclusion that our ideological war over the nature of the United States is only going to get sharper and louder before it ever gets better: “Two Tickets, Two Americas.”

First we need to understand that our political divisions are real and growing. They are rooted not in top-down political rhetoric but in profound and lasting social and cultural differences. For a while, analysts tended to make light of our polarization, fruitlessly predicting year after year that our culture war (still raging) was just about to end. If anything, the culture wars have expanded now to include the whole of politics. It used to be that only arguments over gay marriage or abortion were stigmatized as moral abominations. Now even differences over health care reform and the deficit are super-charged with moral accusation.

Whichever way this election goes, these divisions will only deepen. Fundamentally, this is because what President Obama and the increasingly left-leaning coalition he leads actually want is impossibly far from what red America is willing to accept. Until very recently, this gulf has been hidden by Obama’s refusal to level with the American people about his goals. What the public still doesn’t understand, despite the president’s somewhat more open left-turn of late, is just how far left his second-term agenda aims to go. I’ve laid out some of it here, and Americans are simply not prepared for what is about to hit us should Obama win. So while an Obama victory would indeed allow the president to entrench some of his most controversial policies, his restless tendency to push things ever further to the left will almost certainly generate dynamic new movements of opposition.

Kurtz goes on to point out that a Romney victory, even if a landslide as I and others believe possible, won’t end this struggle. The Left has had a taste of what it can achieve and, controlling as it does the still-dominant culture-shaping media, it will likely see a conservative win as only a temporary setback.

Hang on to your hats; this ride has only just begun.

(1) Kurtz is the author of, so far, two great books about Obama: “Radical in Chief,” a political biography of Obama that I reviewed here, and “Spreading the Wealth,” which looks into Obama’s plans for a second term and which I’m currently reading.

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Napolitano’s DHS: another sex-discrimination lawsuit filed

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Following up on this item, I think we’re starting to see a pattern:

A second employee at US Immigration and Customs Enforcement is suing Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano over claims his career was curtailed due to anti-male bias at the agency, The Post has learned.

Jason Mount alleges in court papers that he was denied 43 promotions because he’s a white male and that he took a lower-grade job because of “how serious the discrimination and retaliation had become.”

Mount, 37, filed suit on July 31, about two months after ICE official James Hayes Jr. sued Napolitano for $3 million for allegedly pushing him out of a top job in Washington, DC, to make way for Dora Schriro, later named New York City’s jails commissioner.


His DC federal court filing details dozens of incidents in which he was allegedly passed over for promotions despite being fully qualified.

The litany of allegations include Mount’s September 2010 application to fill an assistant-special-agent-in-charge, or ASAC, post with Homeland Security Investigations in Boston.

Despite receiving “a rating of 100 percent on the knowledge, skills and abilities rating factors for the position,” Mount says, he was never contacted “to take part in an interview or further selection activities.”

Instead, court papers say the job went to a woman who was one step lower than Mount on the federal civil-service pay scale.

In addition, the woman, Linda Hunt, hadn’t completed an 18-month tour of duty at HSI headquarters in Washington, which “is required to be considered for an ASAC position,” the suit says.

Because of “the severe and pervasive retaliation and discrimination,” Mount says, he “essentially committed career suicide” in December 2011 and asked for a reassignment, “stating that he would be willing to accept a downgrade” in rank and pay.

Once could be a disgruntled employee just looking for payback; twice makes that less likely and starts to indicate a pattern. What lends credibility to Mount’s claims, in my opinion, is his refusal and that of his attorney to talk to the press about the suit. Usually, I’d expect people making bogus claims to go find their nearest Gloria Allred clone and call a press conference, hoping to win in the court of public opinion and persuade the other side to settle out of court (or at least get TV appearances and a book deal), knowing their case is weak on the merits. This, on other hand, has the look of someone who wants to go before a jury.

We’ll see. It could be bogus, but my gut feeling is that this is a case of smoke indicating fire. Yet another reason to elect a new administration that can bring some adult supervision to the DHS “animal house.”

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@DWStweets: I don’t know political affiliation of 2 former Obama staffers behind super PAC

UPDATE – 7:30 PM:  Make sure to read the update to this story.


The lies just keep piling up:

Democratic Party Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said Sunday she has “no idea” about the political affiliation of Priorities USA, the Super PAC behind a recent ad suggesting Mitt Romney is responsible for a woman’s death — though the group was co-founded by two former Obama staffers.

Republicans seized on the disconnect after she made the remarks on “Fox News Sunday.” The Republican National Committee’s Twitter page was buzzing Sunday with challenges to Schultz’s statement.

Priorities USA was started last year by Bill Burton, a 2008 Obama campaign staffer and Obama White House spokesman, and Sean Sweeney, an Obama administration political aide.

The Priorities USA ad released last week features ex-steelworker Joe Soptic recounting how his wife died of cancer after he lost his health insurance when his plant was shuttered after a takeover by Bain Capital and other companies working with the private equity firm.

The ad left out key details about the timeline, including that Soptic’s wife died five years after the plant closed, and years after Romney left Bain.

“That’s a Priorities USA, not a Democratic ad … which we have nothing to do with,” said Rep. Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla. “I have no idea of the political affiliation of folks who are associated with that Super PAC.”

That she thinks people will believe that just shows the contempt that she, along with other high-ranking Democrat party officials, has for the intelligence of voters across America. Lemme see: Two former Obama staffers – one being fairly well-known (Bill Burton) – just happen to start a super PAC, and both the super PAC and the Obama campaign use the same man in both ads, with similar props and scenery in the background, preaching similar (and false) messages about Mitt Romney’s time at Bain, yet she “doesn’t know” the political affiliation of the super PAC?

This clueless, far left, gaffe-prone flame thrower for the left is the unintentional gift that keeps on giving for the GOP. Keep it up, Debbie!