Republican backstabbers* try to do to Paul Ryan what they did to Sarah Palin

Posted by: Phineas on August 14, 2012 at 1:01 pm

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Republican insiders “help” Paul Ryan

Hey, Congressman Ryan! Need some help pulling that knife out of your back that was stuck there by unnamed Republicans?

You’ve heard them on television and read them on POLITICO — cheerful, defiant statements from Republican political professionals about Mitt Romney’s bold masterstroke in tapping Paul Ryan as his running mate, and turning the 2012 presidential race into a serious, far-reaching debate about budgets and the nation’s future.

Don’t buy it.

Away from the cameras, and with all the usual assurances that people aren’t being quoted by name, there is an unmistakable consensus among Republican operatives in Washington: Romney has taken a risk with Ryan that has only a modest chance of going right — and a huge chance of going horribly wrong.

In more than three dozen interviews with Republican strategists and campaign operatives — old hands and rising next-generation conservatives alike — the most common reactions to Ryan ranged from gnawing apprehension to hair-on-fire anger that Romney has practically ceded the election.

It is not that the public professions of excitement about the Ryan selection are totally insincere. It is that many of the most optimistic Republican operatives will privately acknowledge that their views are being shaped more by fingers-crossed hope than by a hard-headed appraisal of what’s most likely to happen.

And the more pessimistic strategists don’t even feign good cheer: They think the Ryan pick is a disaster for the GOP. Many of these people don’t care that much about Romney — they always felt he faced an improbable path to victory — but are worried that Ryan’s vocal views about overhauling Medicare will be a millstone for other GOP candidates in critical House and Senate races.

Let’s get to the caveats: No one is asserting that Washington operatives in either party are oracles or seers. What’s more, it is not as if there is anything like unanimity in GOP circles about the merits of the Ryan pick, though the mood of anxiety and skepticism is overwhelming.

Most of all, if you are one of those people who thinks if someone has something negative to say, they should have the guts to put their name on it, you won’t find much to impress you in this article. Nearly all the Republican professionals interviewed for this story said they would share their unfiltered views only “on background” rules of attribution.

You can guess what the criticisms are: “too young;” “too radical;” and my favorite, “not ready to be president.” As if Joe Biden is ready for anything other than a straightjacket?? If this looks familiar, it’s because this is almost exactly what was done to Sarah Palin in 2008 by anonymous DC insiders who felt threatened by a genuine reformer and someone who wasn’t “in the club.”

Now it’s Paul Ryan’s turn: another young, charismatic reformer who actually believes one can be honest with the American people about the problems we face. More worried about preserving their cushy staff and consulting jobs than dealing with our looming fiscal train wreck, Republican “pros” run to Center-Left shill Politico to make their fears known (and suck up to the other side) –“But, oh, don’t quote me by name, but Ryan’s budget plan is just too radical, and his Medicare plan will scare the elderly, and… and… and can I still come to next week’s cocktail party?”

Bah! These “pros” make me want to puke.

Math. Doesn’t. Lie.

We are running out of time before the clock strikes midnight and we turn into a Greek pumpkin. The Republican ticket is the only one even close to offering a real solution, and yet these “wise old hands” are doing everything they can to tear it down — and for what? So they can a have a frisson of excitement from playing “Secret Source?” For a pat on the head and a reassurance that they’re still important?

As a friend suggested, I wonder how many of these “loyal-but” Republicans are ex-McCain campaign staffers?

God save us from our enemies, for our “allies” are bad enough.

RELATED: A similar story in The Hill. Ed Morrissey reports on an IBD article that argues Ryan’s plan is hardly radical, no matter what pants-wetting Republican insiders might say.

*I had another word in mind, beginning with “chicken,” but this is a family show.

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9 Responses to “Republican backstabbers* try to do to Paul Ryan what they did to Sarah Palin”


  1. Great White Rat says:

    The socialists who run the Democrat party could not care less if they ruin the country as long as they get to run the show and expand their power over the masses. Their willing stooges in the GOP don’t care if the country goes to hell either, as long as they get a few perks and the equivalent of table scraps from the Dems’ power lunch. Sometimes I’m not sure which is worse.

    It’s unfortunately far too common among the professional political types, and has been for a long long time. The only way to change this is to get involved and work from the ground up. It’s how the far left took over the Democrats years ago. The difference is that our people are busy holding down jobs, paying taxes, and raising families, and seldom can spend that amount of time as citizen activists.

  2. What these chicken s**t backstabbers have failed to grasp is they will suffer under the same consequences as the rest of us if their tactics succeed. Plus, a traitor or collaborator is nothing more than a “useful idiot”, to be disposed of at some later opportune time. Their plunge into the commiecrat reservoir of lies can best be described as a dip in the “Soptic Tank”.

  3. JoyO says:

    I do not believe Politico’s claim regarding these “Republicans” — I think what we are seeing here is the work of the Journ-O-List group that has been hiding for the past 4 years. If you remember, there was a group of about 500 “journalists” who got together and wrote up all kinds of negative articles about Palin. They have crawled out from under the rock they’ve been hiding under and will be working together to destroy Romney and Ryan with no regard for truth and honor. They were evil four years ago and they are still evil!

  4. Carlos says:

    Never satisfied at getting “their” man at the top of the ticket, these pig poops have to control the entire enchilada.

    Sound familiar? Kinda like the jackasses have to control every aspect of everyone else’ life?

    And they wonder why 1) we don’t trust them, and 2) we think they’re nothing less than socialist lites!

    They need to start their own party – you know, something like “ShivStickers” or somesuch. With them, as with jackasses, it’s always more important to get what you want than to do what’s right.

    And I also don’t agree with their premise – that the ticket is doomed. Ryan seems to be making quite a splash with his explanations of his policy positions…

  5. Great White Rat says:


    I do not believe Politico’s claim regarding these “Republicans” — I think what we are seeing here is the work of the Journ-O-List group

    Joy, I hope you’re right, but I wouldn’t be too shocked if it were true. I know there are some Republicans out there like that. They’re most commonly found in areas where the Democrats are dominant. I’ve seen them.

    True story: when I was a young conservative firebrand, I lived in a county in my state where the Dems ran everything. They won big in almost every election above the municipal level – board of freeholders, congressional, etc. The county GOP chairman was a liberal and he was more than happy to not make political waves, to echo the Dems policies, and to put up weak candidates every year, in return for which the Dems let him have a voice in about 10% of any patronage jobs. That made him a big fish in a small pond, and he wasn’t about to give that up. The idea of conservatives actually giving the Democrats an ideological battle horrified him.

    Eventually we did go after him. How we did it and what happened are beside the point of this topic and is a story for another time, but here’s all you need to know right now: this supposedly Republican county chairman in early 1980 sat not ten feet from me and grumbled about some Republicans being not much different from Klansmen. Who was he talking about? People who supported Ronald Reagan as the best candidate to beat Jimmy Carter that year.

    So yes, I do believe that such “Republicans” exist, as much as I’d like to believe you’re right.

  6. Mark S. says:

    I’m with Joy… if there are Republicans who feel this way, name names….

    Maybe SOME beltway insiders who are entrenched with their current position, but other than that… I think this is Politico making up bs.

  7. Carlos says:

    I can’t believe someone would actually suggest a left-leaning site would actually try to deceive! There must be a more reasonable explanation somewhere, like, the unicorns got out and are up to their old tricks, or some other reasonable explanation like that!


  8. Lorica says:

    Agreed!! If these are truly Reps then let them have the courage of their convictions and stand up behind their accusations. If they ever do, we will find out it is someone who has a grudge against Ryan or some door mat like Lincoln Chaffee or Arlen Specter who hates the Rep party anyway. – Lorica

  9. Casey says:

    Please note that out of “three dozen” interviews, only two names were specified.