President Egobama rides again

Posted by: Phineas on August 17, 2012 at 1:01 pm

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First it was inserting himself into the biographies of past presidents; now, it’s rewriting State Department country reports into resumes for Obama. Here’s one example:

Compare the nearly 1,200-word “Fact Sheet” published this week by the U.S. embassy in Brazil with the last Background Note on Brazil written during the George W. Bush Administration.

The 4,100-word Bush document, chock full of facts and figures helpful in analyzing the country and its importance to the U.S., never once mentions the name of any U.S. President. The 300-word section on U.S.–Brazil relations takes up about 7 percent of the document.

Conversely, fully 70 percent (830 words) of the Brazil Fact Sheet, which is focused exclusively on U.S. relations with Brazil, discusses President Obama either directly by name (twice!) or in the context of the plethora of programs his Administration has launched with Brazil, including a shared “commitment to combat discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, or lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) status; to advance gender equality; a bilateral instrument that targets racism; support for HIV/AIDS prevention, promotion of clean energy technologies in Brazil, and mitigation of climate change.”

It’s not just Bush with whom Obama differs: none of his predecessors in the last 30 years, Democrat or Republicans, have made changes like these. And remember, these paeans to President Obama are being written with taxpayer dollars. What used to be a series of neutral reports for researchers are being turned into campaign documents in praise of The Lightworker.

I don’t know if this originated with Obama the narcissist, himself, or staffers acting as sycophants, but, regardless, it’s unseemly, eye roll-inducing, and unworthy of the Chief of State of the United States.

What’s next, a golden rotating statue high above Washington?

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4 Responses to “President Egobama rides again”


  1. Zippy says:

    I have a specific idea for the rotating statue, but being a lady *blank stare* … just use your imagination.

  2. Sefton says:

    Just guessing, Zippy, but would that involve a spraying of urine as the statue rotates?
    Because that would be an apt representation.

  3. When Obhammud made up his background on 19th President Rutherford B. Hayes (and mispronouncing his name in the process), saying he did not want electricity in the WH (a lie) and it was no wonder he is “not on Mr. Rushmore”, it was easy to sense the jealousy he harbors by his likeness not being there. It is the same reason he sent the WH bust of Churchill back to the British; it was a painful reminder what an actual world leader embodies, an act he will never master.

  4. Carlos says:

    What’s next? Maybe the “mark of the Beast?”