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The Washington Post answers Reagan’s question

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**Posted by Phineas Ronald Reagan met Jimmy Carter in their one and only debate a week before election day in 1980. At the end, Governor Reagan asked a question of the viewers and with it, some say, decided the race: Now, 32 years later (has it been that long??) The Washington Post has answered that […]


Andrew Sullivan: “Obama is, in my view, the conservative reformist of my dreams”

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Your quote of the day, friends: Noah Millman thinks the “Obama Administration has been a quintessentially small-‘c’ conservative one, in that it has tried its best to preserve the status quo in just about every area”: It would be helpful if commentators like Friedman would acknowledge not only that the Republican Party has become a right-wing populist […]


CNN no longer safe for Dems as @AndersonCooper rips #DNC2012’s @DWStweets

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The Politico sets the stage: Debbie Wasserman Schultz and CNN’s Anderson Cooper engaged in a heated exchange Thursday night when Cooper charged that the Florida congresswoman “misquoted” the Los Angeles Times in a letter that the anchor also said misrepresented Mitt Romney’s stance on the Republican Party’s abortion platform plank. The segment, which has gone […]


Mitt Romney

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—> What I Learned at Bain Capital


Politicker NJ

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NJ Pol: Booker tells chairs he’s weighing 2013 gubernatorial run


The Hill

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Decision 2012: Study: Romney criticism of controversial cancer ad effective with swing voters



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Challenge : Paul Ryan to Obama: ‘Put up or shut up’ on sequester



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Huge: Armstrong Drops Fight Against Doping Charges