#DNC2012: Massive Obama sand sculpture on display just steps from #MSDNC stage (SATURDAY UPDATE)

Saturday Update – 5:08 PM: Via the Washington Times, the “Sand Obama” has been damaged by the heavy rains experienced earlier today here.


Well, today was the big day for the unveiling of the official stage for DNC 2012 here in Charlotte:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. With images of Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty on large screens, convention organizers on Friday unveiled a transformed Time Warner Cable Arena that will serve as the stage for next week’s Democratic National Convention.

North Carolina delegates get prime seating on the convention floor, seated up front in a hall described by organizers as a “celebration of gathering” with open walkways and exposed staircases.

A 38-foot by 36-foot screen and booming speakers surrounding the delegates give Democrats “the look and feel we need” to deliver their message promoting President Barack Obama’s re-election effort, convention CEO Steve Kerrigan said.

Speaking of Mount Rushmore, “Team Sandtastic” is putting the finishing touches today on a huge sand sculpture of Obama to be on display at the EpiCentre in uptown Charlotte. Via the @graspmyBEAUTY Twitter account:

Obama sand sculpture at the EpiCentre

Click here for more photos.

15.5 tons of sand were shipped in from Myrtle Beach, SC for this. I don’t know who sponsored it (I don’t think it was paid for with DNC money) but massive sculptures of sitting political figures, especially Presidents, should disturb everyone a great deal (no matter the party), for reasons I don’t have to explain – no matter how well done they are.

No doubt this sculpture will send tingles up the legs of many a DNC attendee, but it will be an especially big deal to MSDNC anchors – whose stage also just happens to be at the EpiCentre (photo taken by me a couple of weeks ago during preparations):

MSNBC at the Epicentre for DNC 2012.

Just a short walk away from the cast and crew of MSDNC to pay their hourly homage. When they’re not on the air, that is ….

44 thoughts on “#DNC2012: Massive Obama sand sculpture on display just steps from #MSDNC stage (SATURDAY UPDATE)

  1. Hi, ST!

    Just caught some of your photos on TWITCHY of the Waaayyyyyy too electronic, flat screen load podium backdrop inside the convention.

    The last thing a joined at the hip to Unions political party should do is have a convention in a Non~Union city inside a Non~Union state. Stockpiling opocorn and Coke~Cola to bask in the confusion of PO’ed, attention seeking delegates.

    Oh, and that sand sculpture looks far too much like Mugabe than Obama. :o

    No matter how much lipstick is applied to Zero and his slimy little minions. I still think he and the Dems are looking at massive landslide losses in the Senate and at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.:d

  2. Ha ha. It looks more like Al Jolson.

    But when you’ve lost the Times …

    That’s because MSNBC offers counterprogramming, not coverage. All that arch sarcasm and partisan brio may rev up the cable channel’s fans, but it constrains — and stains — NBC News, its corporate sibling, which is still the country’s No. 1 source in the evening.

  3. …Castles made of sand melt into the sea, eventually… Apologies to Jimi Hendrix.

    The irony is not lost on me, though I can think of more appropriate organic materials to use in a tribute to this President.

  4. The word on the streets is that they intend to use a cocktail sausage for the sculptures penis, just to keep everything in the correct proportions.

  5. When they’re not on the air, that is ….

    Uh, when it comes to MSNBC, can anyone tell the difference? Quite frankly, if it wasn’t for Conservatives fisking the network, there would be no viewers.

    Anyhow, there’s a 40% chance of rain in Charlotte next Thursday. Could be good to wash the stench of unwashed liberals away. I wonder how much money Charlotte is going to have to spend to deal with all the trash the Democrats won’t clean up?

  6. Will he sue the weatherman when it rains and the idol washes away? Or maybe just blame God for being so “Republican”.

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  9. 1. If the idol washes away, of course it will be Bush’ fault.

    2. Not even the downpour from a tropical storm will immediately wash away the stench of grown-old-ungracefully hippies.

    3. I get a certain feeling seeing that idol, too. Excuse me while I head to the porcelain throne to get rid of it, then rinse my mouth out to get rid of that taste.

  10. I see Zero’s sand sculpture and wonder: .:-\”

    Why am I flashing back the revised ‘Outer Limits’ two story arc ‘The Sand Kings’???! :-?

    Just askin’. :-?

  11. Link to more Obama sculpture pictures does not work. Page not found.

    But seriously — they have pictures of MOUNT RUSHMORE on the jumbo screen? I am dumbstruck. (By how dumb they are.)

    I had to check this webpage’s address to make sure it wasn’t The Onion.

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  14. Read the Twitter feed you cited this from (@graspmyBEAUTY)…it epitomizes the Obama voter in every way. Nasty, foul troglodite.

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  16. What the heck. At the end of the convention the fire department will simply come in and flush it all away.

    And in November, the voters will do the rest of the clean up.

  17. Can you even imagine what claims to be a “news” organization with the word “lean” it in motto? Utterly unbelievable, they destroy their credibility right out of the gates.

  18. Sidenote: “15.5 tons of sand were shipped in from Myrtle Beach, SC”

    Because that’s such a great low CO2 footprint, efficient, green, conservation thing to do! /sarc

  19. I wonder how they got permission to haul that much sand away from the beach? Here in the United Soviet Socialist Republic of Oregon, one can’t even take a child’s play sand bucket full of sand away from the beach.

    Destroys the entire ecosphere, ya know…

  20. I read from the Washington Times blog about Obama sand sculpture was damage from the rain in Charlotte today. Is this true?

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  22. Saturday Update – 5:08 PM: Via the Washington Times, the “Sand Obama” has been damaged by the heavy rains experienced earlier today here.

    Awww Poor Mount Obamamore… more evidence The Lord God Almighty hates the sin of pride. – Lorica

  23. Yes. God is definitely in charge. Rain all next week in Charlotte. But I’m sure Mooch’s speech on “Supermarket Shopping 101” will be the highlight.

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  26. Michelle should take the President with her when she goes food shopping. Maybe he might learn a thing or two about what to eat and drink.

  27. But Dotty, Duh-1 is an adult, and Moochie has no right, God-given or government allowed, to tell the POTUS what he should or shouldn’t eat.

    That, of course, would not apply to a Republican president, but since hubby is a socialist, a proggy and (theoretically, anyway) an intellectual, there is no room for her to force government standards on him.

    The rest of us rabble, well, that’s another story, one she has a burning desire to complete. She can’t help herself wanting to help all us po’, dumb chilluns.

    BTW, with all her pronouncements of what’s good and healthy to eat, and eat in moderation, when’s the last time Saddlebutt Thunderthighs looked in a mirror? Probably not since long before she had anything but a scowl on her mug…

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