Horrible youth jobs numbers

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ST and I both earlier referred to the awful August jobs report released today. For a detailed (and dismal) analysis, James Pethokoukis  is a must-read.

But I want to highlight one particular aspect (via Gay Patriot) reported on by Jordan Weissman in The Atlantic: the employment prospects for teens and those just graduating college are just horrific:

After declining for most of the summer, the unemployment rate for workers between the ages of 16 and 19 popped up again, rising from 23.8 percent to 24.6 percent. Among 20-to-24 year olds, it hopped to 13.9 percent from 13.5 percent in July.

After noting that these number don’t reflect layoffs as much as lower-than-expected hiring at the end of summer, he comes up with a  disturbing theory:

There are other subtle and discouraging aspects of this report for the young. One of the only industries to add significant numbers of workers was food services, which accounted for 28,300 of the 95,000 total new jobs. Restaurant and fast food work is usually a bastion for teenage employment. If that sector is growing, and young people still can’t find employment, it may mean that older workers are now out-competing them for low wage jobs.

In other words, skilled workers laid off from higher-paying jobs are now taking the entry-level positions young people use to learn the basic skills of “how to have a job.” And, as time passes and the economy doesn’t pick up (which will be almost assured in an Obama second term), they’ll find themselves competing with teens and college graduates who come after them.

It’s like Paul Ryan said in his RNC nomination acceptance speech:

College graduates should not have to live out their 20s in their childhood bedrooms, staring up at fading Obama posters and wondering when they can move out and get going with life. 

In 2008, Barack Obama captured two-thirds of the youth vote, a huge amount.

Some reward they got, isn’t it?

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Post-#DNC2012: McAuliffe “jokes” that DNC should make Charlotte a permanent site (UPDATED)

Via The Charlotte Observer:

Former Democratic National Committee boss Terry McAuliffe gave high praise to the city of Charlotte for hosting this year’s event.

McAuliffe spoke to NewsChannel 36 anchor Ben Thompson from the convention floor late Thursday night as the confetti fell from inside Time Warner Cable Arena.

“I’ve got to take my hat off to Charlotte. They did a magnificent job. It’s a great city. It was easy to get around, great hospitality.”

McAuliffe has been to 10 conventions, and ran two previous ones in Boston and Los Angeles. He joked with Mayor Foxx Thursday about making Charlotte the home for the DNC.

“I think we should make Charlotte–I went up and saw your mayor for a little bit–and I said we ought to make this the permanent site,” McAuliffe said smiling.

Um, I know he was kidding around and what not but, dude – don’t even joke about stuff like that.   Sheesh. Four days, and months of hype and prep, are more than enough.

In related news, the Obamas have now departed Charlotte, August’s dismal jobs report was released,  the disappointing reax from political pundits on Obama’s speech (which I found lackluster) are coming in fast and furious (no pun intended), and Reuters is reporting no convention bounce for Obama for the convention according to their polling, but that poll was taken before Obama’s speech.

Back to reality, Mr. President.

Update – 3:15 PM: Photos of my DNC experience are now posted on Facebook. :)