Sunday Football Open Thread: Panthers at Tampa Bay

Are y’all ready for some football?  :-)

The Panthers play at Tampa Bay at 4:25 Eastern Time today on Fox. Looking forward to a better season this year for the Cats than last year. The newbies have had a chance to mature and gel alongside the veterans, and what I saw at the pre-season game here against the Dolphins gave me hope they’ll up their game considerably this year.

What games are you watching today?

8 thoughts on “Sunday Football Open Thread: Panthers at Tampa Bay

  1. How can a team with DeAngelo Williams in the backfield, Cam Newton at quarterback, and Steve Smith at WR post just 109 yards total offense and fail to score in the first half against a team like Tampa Bay?

  2. Watched the Texans dismantle the Dolphins. I have been a Cowboys fan for a long time, not just since they started winning, but lately it has been like trying to be firends with someone who is hard to like. Owner Jerry Jones and his Obhammudesque ego problems, etc.

  3. Watched the only game I care about a couple of days ago. The fact that it interfered with the Democrat Convention is just serendipity. :)

  4. Watched the Broncos kick Steeler butt last night. It was a joy to watch the successful running plays that opened up the passing game. Manning is a clear example of how important an excellent quarterback is to a team.

  5. There were quite a few surprises yesterday. Seems like the QB’s who threw the most INTs often won! Wondering if that same lightning will strike tonight for my wretched Raiders?

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