GO MITT GO: Romney stands firm, says he will “deliver recovery, not dependency”

Posted by: ST on September 19, 2012 at 12:40 pm

Was so happy to see this on the USA Today website today:

Under President Obama, we have a stagnant economy that fosters government dependency. My policies will create a growing economy that fosters upward mobility.

Government has a role to play here. Right now, our nation’s citizens do need help from government. But it is a very different kind of help than what President Obama wants to provide.

My experience has taught me that government works best when it creates the space for individuals and families to pursue success and achieve great things. Economic freedom is the only force that has consistently succeeded in creating sustained prosperity and lifting people out of poverty. It is why our economy rose to rival those of the world’s leading powers — and has long since surpassed them all.

The dreamers and the entrepreneurs, not government, built this economy, and they can once again make it strong.

My course for the American economy will encourage private investment and personal freedom. Instead of creating a web of dependency, I will pursue policies that grow our economy and lift Americans out of poverty.

It has been maddening this week to see so many GOP pundits waving the white flag and jumping all over Romney for his comments about “the 47%.” This is exactly the debate we need to be having in this country RIGHT NOW: Is America better off preferring private investment and personal freedom or is it better off preferring a system of redistribution of wealth and unlimited government dependency? Mitt Romney is right on this. Any conservative/GOP pundit out there who was against Romney as being the nominee over his questionable conservative creds but yet who think he made a disastrous mistake with bringing up an issue that is at the core of conservative complaints against big government needs to ask themselves how long we need to wait before we have this debate. My opinion is that we’ve waited too long as it is. The sooner it starts, the better.

Anyone else out there of my mindset in welcoming this debate? Let me hear from you.

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9 Responses to “GO MITT GO: Romney stands firm, says he will “deliver recovery, not dependency””


  1. Phineas says:

    I’m with ya, Chief! <):)

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    I’m on your side of the fence on this one, ST. The thing that is maddening is not the truthful remarks Romney made (again; remember Libya?) but the fact that so many so-called conservatives in Congress, the media, and elsewhere do not have balls enough (again) to say the same thing, stand with him, or STFU if they’ve nothing beneficial to the argument to contribute. If someone has the overwhelming desire to be universally loved, politics and the media are not the places for them.

  3. EBL says:

    Mitt has a chance to distinguish himself. Especially with the Obama redistribution tape as a contrast.

    This tape is going to turn out to be a blessing for Romney. Luntz was CBS noting that while there is danger of Romney not “caring” about the 47% (especially with the spin the left is putting on that), if Romney fights back and explains what he really meant it will be a positive for Romney. And Rush is encouraging Romney to start swinging. So is Instapundit (punch back twice as hard). And especially given Barack Obama’s own redistribution arguments and this crazy tweet by one of his supporters:

    Matt Yglesias does reveal where the left is coming from. I sent little Matt Yglesias a clip of Milton Friedman dismantling the distribution of wealth canard. No response from Matt. I think his wee head exploded.

    And that is not even dealing with the hypocrisy of the edits.

    I wish Andrew Breitbart were here to see all of this. He would have said, “I told you so!”

  4. yourmamatoo says:

    I hope Romney holds firm.And does not allow the main stream media to contine controlling the narrative.

  5. Gravelagitator says:

    People are also forgetting that either obummer himself or a campaign staffer said that they had given up on going after the “white working class” vote. Why? Don’t they care about “EVERYONE”?

  6. Yvonne says:

    The debate is long overdue, but it requires ADULTS on BOTH sides, not just one, who are actually willing to have an honest conversation, which is why it hasn’t happened up to this point.

  7. martin j smith says:

    On whose side are these geniuses who attack Romney. Why one can almost think they want him to lose. Why else would they give fodder to the Communists.?

  8. Joseph says:

    Absolutely. Mitt’s comments in the tape were, as he himself acknowledged, not eloquently stated, but they may serve to start this debate nationwide. The quote from USA Today is great. Of course, if I may repeat what I and others have said, the lap dog media will continue to control the narrative, reporting on Mitt’s “gaffes”, telling us how bad it is for his November prospects, while ignoring the Obama economy and not asking him hard questions, like why is he doing the interview curcuit, all of them lovefests, while the Middle East burns and American security is threatened.

  9. Tom TB says:

    This is a clash of cultures; one group doing the creating, another sitting on the sidelines, then demanding their “fair share”. Why should I bust my butt, to increase my taxes, so the Obamas can take more extravagant vacations?