Presidential debate open thread

Posted by: ST on October 3, 2012 at 7:08 pm

Ready to rumbleYes, I’ll be watching but only reluctantly.  I hate that these things not only boil down to one-liners, flubs,  and “gotchas” – not to mention the typical unfairness of the moderators – but I also don’t like the fact that there are so many people in this country who don’t judge the sum total of a candidate’s public service career but instead judge them through the prism of 60 second canned answers to complex issues.

I hope Romney does well, of course, but even if he does the MSM will still paint it as a “win” for President Obama.

Debate time is 9 ET. For those who can’t watch it on TV, you can catch it at C-SPAN.

I”ll be doing some live-tweeting on and off of the debate as well.

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8 Responses to “Presidential debate open thread”


  1. Obhammud has talked endlessly in campaign rhetoric and generalties citing unnamed economists and other experts while Romney is talking specifics of economic science and mechanics (i.e. Simpson-Bowles, etc.) holding Obhammud’s feet to the fire over his failed policies. I’m loving it!

  2. H Hazell says:

    This was Romney over Obama and must have been like watching Georgia Tech beating Cumbeland 222 to 0 in 1916.

  3. Great White Rat says:

    Here’s what I liked about Romney’s approach tonight: bullet-point answers. He broke each question down to specific points and hit each one of them, and did it in a way that didn’t have people yawning. His description of how thriving small businesses lead to higher tax revenues for Washington, for example, is something that will resonate in living rooms and around kitchen tables across America tonight.

    It was clear that he was well-coached in demeanor. Nothing in this debate confirmed the MSM narrative that he’s out of touch with the average American. Whether it was education, taxes, or health care, he held his own and was clearly speaking from the heart. The final summary was very effective – ticking off all Obama’s domestic failures at the end left a good parting message.

    Personally, I’d have liked to see him be a bit sharper in his critiques, but I think one of the goals tonight was to have him appear “presidential”. For example, after Obama closed by promising to do more of what he’s been doing for the past four years, I’d have liked to hear something like “That’s exactly what most of America is worried about.” But had he hit Obama as hard as I’d have liked, that might have overshadowed the substance and all you’d be hearing in the MSM tomorrow was how mean he was, not what he said.

  4. EBL says:

    Romney won Debate One. Even Andrew Sullivan is crying. Schadenfreude.

  5. Sefton says:

    Bottom line, if Romney takes it to him like this in the next two debates…
    Congratulations President Romney.

    And next week is the utter destruction Ryan is going to make Plugs The Clown experience.

  6. Drew the Infidel says:

    It was not lost on many that Romney is the only one who mentioned Biblical principles and Constitutional provisions, aspects that have been in evidence since the very outset of this Presidential race.

  7. Dorothy Palmer says:

    The black Jesus has lived too long. It amazes the cognoscenti that this turd is protected by the Secret Service as he does incalculabe damage to the domestic citizenry and the defense status of the nation. This same Secret Service engaged in perverted lust in the continent south of us in the past 180 days and had many of its membership downing boilermakers in Dallas speakeasies the day before camelot Jack got his sendoff.