#WeekendDiscussion: How could Obama have helped improve race relations in America?

Posted by: ST on October 6, 2012 at 12:24 pm

My question WAS going to be “has Obama helped improve race relations in America” but we all know he hasn’t, and I didn’t want the question to be rhetorical anyway, so the weekend discussion (a new feature I am going to try and keep going here) is on how you think he could have helped race relations for America – and do you really think he wanted to?

Many, even some on our own side, had some degree of hope that Obama – supposedly a “post-racial President” who wanted to move beyond the “blame the white guy” meme – would have a positive impact on the state of race relations in America, but he has been a miserable failure in this department.

What do you think he could have/should have done differently? Serious discussion.


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12 Responses to “#WeekendDiscussion: How could Obama have helped improve race relations in America?”


  1. Clayj says:


    Stop bringing it up in conversations where it’s not warranted.
    Stop using it to try to guilt people.
    Stop considering it when making decisions.
    Stop including questions about it on job applications and school applications.
    Stop thinking about it AT ALL.

    Slavery in this country was ended almost 150 years ago. (And by a REPUBLICAN, I might point out.) “Jim Crow” laws were eliminated almost 50 years ago. We live in a society where MOST people have never lived subject to laws that encourage racist behavior and have ONLY lived subject to laws that actually encourage preferential treatment for a race of people, only SOME of whose ancestors were slaves.

    Yet, despite all of this, we are meant to think that blacks are STILL somehow discriminated against in business, in government, in daily life. But the truth is that most racism now is the result of RESENTMENT of blacks receiving preferential treatment from the government and, via government legislation, from business. Most Americans are NOT racists, but we are treated like we are on a daily basis. (Side note: It is a fact that many blacks live in substandard conditions now precisely because of government persistence in treating them like they need help. Government has put them in a permanent plantation mode and effectively made them wards of the state.)

    The way to improve race relations is to make the subject irrelevant — when it’s irrelevant, people will stop thinking about it, and eventually it won’t seem at all important to them. As long as we are continually hammered with the subject, it will always remain a sore spot. And as long as the government continues to give preferential treatment to people because of their skin color, there will be people who will resent that, and the specter of racism will persist.

  2. pa says:

    An EXCELLENT comment. Thank you.

  3. Lorica says:

    Well idiots like Snoop Dogg could stop making lists that are blatantly racist. That might be the place to start. Imagine if say Mel Gibson had a list that said “Reasons to vote for Romney” and the number 1 reason was because he was white, and on the other side it said “Reasons not to vote for Obama” and the #1 reason was because he was black. Ohhh the howls that would come from the liberal news media would be endless, and louder the closer to November.

    We need to stop all this hate. Everytime someone calls someone a racist undeservedly, that is hate. If you are trying to maniuplate someone to your advantage, that is hate. This crazed need for the left to hold power over the rest of us, is hate. And quite frankly, I am tired of the haters who want to guilt me into voting for this President because they are too stupid to realize that he is just damn bad for America. – Lorica

  4. Tex says:

    Obama could help race relations by telling his supporters and fellow Democrats to stop accusing people of being racists for disagreeing with his policies.

  5. Bill says:

    Simple…he could have kept his mouth shut!

  6. Pete says:

    I was hopeful that Obama, as President, would be able to inspire the young black population to abandon the drug-dealing culture that so decimates the race. But Obama has been a coward because, in my opinion, he is too afraid to criticize his “base.” As a result, we get flash mobs, and young kids punching innocent victims, and the President never says a word. By saying nothing, he condones the behavior. This is just one of many areas where Obama has failed to bridge the racial gap in this country.

  7. That is a tough question to answer since too often on the campaign trail he sounds like a combination of H.Rap Brown, Stokeley Carmichael, and Malcolm X all rolled into one. Maybe if he channeled his inner MLK?

  8. JimG33 says:

    As a black (I HATE the term African-American) conservative I can say that there is no way that the POTUS could help change race relations without inventing a time machine and having a good talking to his adolescent self.

    By accepting the ideas that Frank Marshall Davis taught him, by spending his college and law school years marinating in an endless search for authenticity, by trying to live at “The Bottom of the Well”, by going to that sorry excuse for a church for 20 years,by always having to hang out with the cool kids he became the empty suit that looked more like a deer in the headlights than the leader of the free world.

    Glad some others have finally seen what I was screaming about when this person was elected. As it is here’s no one more useless than an African-American Intellectual, exhibit 1—Michele Eric Dyson.

  9. mudguy says:

    I agree with you. You are an American and race or color should have nothing to with it. If Obummer had eliminated the Hyphenated American term like he did using the word Terrorist that would have really helped.

    We are all Americans time we stop dividing us by race or religion. Until that is stopped the we will always be an hyphenated country. I despise the system we have when we can tell what percent of any race or religion voted and how.

  10. Sefton says:

    Clayj – October 6, 2012 at 12:36 pm
    “The way to improve race relations is to make the subject irrelevant”

    A good start would be to eliminate racial preferences. Or, as Chief Justice Roberts put it, “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”

    The problem with this current president, as JimG33 aptly stated, is that he is perpetrating the reverse of what needs to happen. But I think we all know that this is by design – both because it’s a continuing tenet of the Democratic platform to maintain a voting demographic, but also for the reasons JimG33 pointed out… it’s inherent to Obama’s upbringing and ideology. In short, he never intended to be a post-racial president. This is merely what many had hoped he would be and conformed this image onto him.

    The problem is they don’t see him for the liar and charlatan that he truly is.

  11. Phineas says:

    JimG33 said pretty much what I was going to say. Given his background, education, and training after college, Obama doesn’t have it in him to improve “race” relations, because he can’t stop seeing everything through the lens of race and class.

  12. Great White Rat says:


    he can’t stop seeing everything through the lens of race and class.

    Definitely. I’m not sure – I think it might have been Dennis Prager – who said it first, but the gist of it was that liberals have a substitute Holy Trinity: race, gender, and class, and they see everything through those lenses with a religious fervor.

    And I’m also in agreement with JimG33’s excellent analysis of the roots of Obama’s mindset. The man we see today is the predictable result of his upbringing and subsequent choices.