Awesome: @PaulRyanVP calls, tweets support to actress @REALStaceyDash after vicious backlash

Posted by: ST on October 10, 2012 at 10:46 am

I freaking love this:

Piers Morgan on his CNN show Tuesday night that her support for Mitt Romney has provoked some serious negative feedback.

The Clueless actress tweeted her political opinion on Sunday, writing: “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.”

She was immediately slammed with Tweets attacking her. One example: “Wait Stacey Dash is voting for Romney? You get a lil money and you forget that you’re black and a woman. Two things Romney hates.”

And one of the latest came from Samuel L. Jackson, who said, “Wait, did Stacey Dash Really endorse Romney today?! REALLY????! Is she CRA………..??!”

Dash, 46, told Morgan last night, “I really don’t understand the fury. I don’t get it. … I was shocked, really shocked. But you can’t expect everyone to agree with you.”


Dash said Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, called her Tuesday and told her she was brave. He tweeted his thanks to her, saying, “Had a great conversation with @REALStaceyDash this afternoon. Thank you for your support!”

And there has been other positive support from fans, too. TV game show host Chuck Woolery tweeted: “Stacey Dash, a beautiful young black woman, demeaned by the left, because she is for Romney. Hollywood, It’s a tough place to speak U’r mind.” here!

Stay strong, Stacey!

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  • 4 Responses to “Awesome: @PaulRyanVP calls, tweets support to actress @REALStaceyDash after vicious backlash”


    1. Drew the Infidel says:

      It is chilling that any black conservative or Republican is immediately pilloried for stating their views. What? No call of encouragement from our Pretender-in-Chief after he called and consoled Sandra Fluke for the abuse she suffered over her stance on free contraceptives? (For some odd reason it is repulsive to imagine a ragamuffin like Fluke having a sex life.)

    2. Carlos says:

      Stacy Dash: Poster child for the tolerance of the leftists/statists/socialists/Democrats of this country.