#Debate2 Open Thread: Romney and Obama battle again

Ready to rumbleAre you ready for Round 2 in the Presidential Debate Sweepstakes?

Like a lot of GOPers I’m a bit nervous tonight as we all know Obama is going to come out “swinging” after his widely panned poor performance in the first debate.  From my recollection, he did well in the townhall debate he had with McCain in 2008, but that was partially because McCain came off like a nervous, rambling, unprepared politico in contrast to Obama who merely had to sit back and look cool and “concerned” about the future of America. On the other hand, Romney did fairly well throughout the 15 or so debates he had during the GOP primary contests and did more than well at debate one, so I am cautiously optimistic he will do ok tonight. He is someone who does well thinking on his feet, but townhalls can be tricky so you never know.

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey provides what I think is probably the best preview of what to expect – and what not to – of tonight’s debate, but I take one exception and that is with his belief that what happens doesn’t have the potential of being a game-changer.   I think if Romney once again hits it out of the ballpark, the odds will increase that his numbers will improve in the all-important swing states as they have over the last couple of weeks, which will leave Obama to try to make up for lost time at the third and final debate, which will be about a subject Obama is arguably weaker on than the economy: foreign policy.  If Obama hits it out of the ballpark or at least “ties” Romney, he will be seen as being “on the comeback trail” by the MSM, who – as Sean Hannity humorously quipped earlier today on his radio show – already have their “comeback trail” articles written and are ready to hit the “send” button on them no matter the outcome.

Narratives and all that.

What are your predictions as to what you think will happen tonight?

Can’t get to a TV? Watch the debate online via CSPAN.  I’ll be livetweeting it. “Game time” is 9 PM ET.

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