Tough guy actor @RussellCrowe is very thin-skinned when it comes to politics

Posted by: ST on October 21, 2012 at 11:16 am

Wow, talk about inadvertently stumbling into a verbal minefield!

I was covering the “overnight shift” on Twitter (had fallen asleep on the couch for several hours, woke up and could not go back to sleep and then got on Twitter to pass some time) and was having a back and forth with several peeps when a friend of mine posted that he had read actor Russell Crowe supported Mitt Romney. Here’s how it started:

My friend AE had found the link via Wiki (it wasn’t Wiki he went by, but the sourcing Wiki provides in the reference notes). There was a link there with photos of celebs and blurbs underneath the pictures about who they had (allegedly) thrown their support behind this election. The one of Crowe stated he was supporting Romney.

And yes, I know Crowe is not American and couldn’t vote in the election, but it’s always interesting to discuss celebrity endorsements of GOP politicos because it’s such a rarity – thanks to liberal Hollywood’s blatant intolerance for fellow actors and actresses who have differing views than the majority. In reality, most of us don’t care who Hollywood leftists support unless they turn into jerks about it.

Which Russell Crowe did.

AE and I were going back and forth praising Crowe for the balls it took entertainers to come out in support of a Republican. As it turns out, we were incorrect – Crowe does not support Romney, he supports Obama. But instead of politely correcting us on it he … blocked us, and other conservatives whose only crime was to discuss who we and they thought Crowe had lent his support to. Blocked. Because he found it “insulting” to be thought of as endorsing Romney. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

The only “agenda” was to remark how cool it was that the Gladiator actor had (supposedly but in reality not) shed the shackles of Hollywood liberalism in bucking the system. In the end, what happened was that we learned how thin-skinned this so-called “tough guy” actor is when it comes to politics. Of course, he has the right to block who he wants to. I block people, too. But not for mere political disagreement.

And that’s the real issue here. Not one person blocked by him cares that he or she was blocked – it’s the “why” that’s so interesting. Is political disagreement that offensive to him? If so, perhaps he should move to a place where it’s not allowed.

Wanna see something even funnier than him blocking people for mistakenly believing he endorsed Romney? This tweet, in which he directly contradicted himself:

Translation: I don’t endorse politicians but I just endorsed Obama … because he is “the light.”

Hilarity, of course, ensued, and my Twitter page is filled with retweets I did of people challenging him on his assertions about Obama. His argument was pretty well blown out of the water but I doubt he noticed because he was so busy intolerantly hitting the block button.

It’s sad, really. Twitter can be a useful platform for people to share information and to hash out differences – as I and others would have gladly done with Crowe last night. But his intolerance for dissent prevents that, proving that he has a lot more in common with the President he just gushingly endorsed than he lets on.

Oh well. As others remarked, at least he didn’t throw a phone at us.

Update – 12:21 PM: thoroughly documents Crowe’s hissy fit, and responses from fans, here.

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9 Responses to “Tough guy actor @RussellCrowe is very thin-skinned when it comes to politics”


  1. Lorica says:

    Yeah I would have been very very surprised to see Crowe endorse Romney. So surprised that I would have started looking east to see if Jesus was returning. LOL Sorry Sis, but Mr. Crowe is still to much of a boy to actually pick up an opinion that would cause him to think and not just follow. – Lorica

  2. Steve W says:

    “Are you not entertained??”

    Seriously, consider the source – Crowe is a New Zealander, raised in Australia from age 5 to 14, then returned to NZ. He’s (apparently content as) a SUBJECT of the Crown, as opposed to being an independent sovereign citizen. As a subject, his worldview is necessarily shaped by his submission to authority and his status as “less than equal” to the head of his state. Elizabeth II has been his Queen for as long as he has been alive – to Crowe, the idea that a Head of State should be qualified, or actually participate in policy decisions or otherwise actively lead a nation, is totally foreign. He is also well accustomed to the experience of living in an empire in decline – and Obama’s desire to lead America’s decline is comforting to Crowe on several levels.

    Not that it really matters – he’s an actor. Crowe makes his living pretending, portraying, making make-believe seem real. He’s also a hypocrite – for enough money, he would gladly portray John Galt…

  3. Phineas says:

    “The light and the future?” That kind of stuff parodies itself.

  4. Extirpates says:

    He is not much smarter than your average turnip that just fell off the truck!!

    Another reason why I don’t subsidize their “art”.

  5. Isn’t it interesting? In Ronald Reagan’s heyday as an actor Washington was prosecuting them as Commies and today they are using them as the Ministry of Information.

  6. kirroth says:

    I’m not surprised, but I am disappointed. I like him as an actor and would love for him to think for himself. That doesn’t mean he has to endorse Romney, either. If he truly thought about the issues and still endorsed Obama, I’d think his choice was wrong, but at least he tried. A for effort. Instead he just follows in lockstep behind the rest of the Hollyweird crowd. “Obama is the light.” Really? Sounds like a line from Gladiator, actually. I believe his character says “Rome is the light.” Kinda sad he can’t even come up with his own words.

  7. Tango says:

    ….”well now I am depressed!”

  8. Tom TB says:

    Is this the same guy that called our Coast Guard to rescue him off of Long Island?

  9. Carlos says:

    If Crowe was creative at all (not something people who bow to their head of state are prone to, pardon the pun) he could come up with something original.

    Instead, he parrots the religious fervor of Zero-worshippers because his whole life is based upon pretend, just like the Prez’s whole life and ideologies are.