Sunday Football Open Thread – Panthers at the Bears

Well, with their team having what is now officially the worst record in the NFL, Panthers fans don’t have much to get exited about outside of the hope that we don’t get hammered too badly by the Bears.   I’ve picked the Bears to win today in the pool, as I can no longer go with my heart when it comes to my team if I expect to be competitive. :)

My other picks for the week:

SF (38 points total game score)

Today’s Panthers game is at 1 ET and will be broadcast on Fox.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Football Open Thread – Panthers at the Bears

  1. We should have the edge over Arizona today: their offensive line has real problems protecting the QB (in fact, I think the Cards’ backup is starting), which means Justin Smith and company should be seeing “meat on the table.” >:)

  2. Well, ya got at least 50% right anyway, ST.

    And if this was MLB and we were talking batting averages, .500 ain’t too shabby…

    Just wish Cam and the team would commit to winning, but I suspect that’s not in their make-up because that implies a hard, daily, year-round commitment.

  3. If it helps, Sis, as a Bear fan I am completely unhappy with the performance of my team against yours. At 6-1 we are obviously not a playoff team. Yours is a team we should have dominated, but apparently we cannot get our offensive heads out of our backsides (particularly pass protecting). And our D also allowed tons of yards as they did last year against the Panthers, though they really don’t care about yards against as much as points against and the W.

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