Romney in West Chester, OH: Vote for love of country, not “revenge”

Posted by: ST on November 3, 2012 at 11:52 am

I watched this rally on C-SPAN last night and it was pretty danged epic, with a GOP all-star supporting cast and tons of people. Romney’s biggest crowd to date. The article says 30,000, other reports say between 15,000 and 18,000 per local law enforcement and the Secret Service. However, I read multiple sources say the overflow area couldn’t even hold all the “overflow” crowd” so I’d guess the numbers go even higher than the 18,000.

The presidential race returned to Ohio for the final push Friday as GOP challenger Mitt Romney held a massive rally in the Republican heartland north of Cincinnati and President Barack Obama cut a swath through central Ohio.

“The question of the election comes down to this: Do you want more of the same or do you want real change?” Romney said Friday night in West Chester Township. “I promise change, and I actually have a record of achieving it.”

Romney spoke to a crowd of 30,000, according to West Chester Fire Chief Tony Goller – making it the largest rally of the campaign, said Romney spokesman Chris Maloney.

Both candidates are trying to make up for campaign time lost to superstorm Sandy and deliver their final arguments to voters before Tuesday’s election.

Obama, in his first Ohio trip since Sandy struck the East Coast, said in Lima on Friday afternoon that the policies of previous Republican administrations didn’t work.

“Ohio, we’ve tried our ideas and they work,” he said. “We’ve tried the other folks’ ideas. They don’t work. The eight years before I took office, we tried their ideas. What did we get? We got falling incomes, record deficits … and an economic crisis that we’ve been cleaning up after ever since.”


Kid Rock opened the Romney event, which also included appearances by a lengthy list of top Republicans, including Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Sens. John McCain and Marco Rubio, and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

“This is like having the Republican National Convention come here,” said Ohio Rep. Margaret Conditt of nearby Liberty Township. “All of the speakers that we saw in Tampa are here, except for Clint Eastwood, of course.”


“Candidate Obama promised to do so very much, but he has fallen so very short,” Romney said. “He was going to focus on jobs, then he focused on Obamacare, which killed jobs.”

Romney said that Obama asked voters to vote for revenge, but “I ask the American people to vote for love of country.”

Obama actually said, “Voting is the best revenge.”

Romney also promised to bring bipartisanship to Washington.

“If I’m elected – no, when I’m elected – president, I’m going to work with … men and women on both sides of the aisle who care about our country,” he said.

In case you missed it, here’s video of the rally – starting with Paul Ryan’s speech, and then Mitt Romney’s.

And an aerial video of the crowd.


Three more days!!! Can’t believe we’re almost there. Deep breaths, y’all. Clear eyes, full hearts.

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11 Responses to “Romney in West Chester, OH: Vote for love of country, not “revenge””


  1. Dorothy Palmer says:

    The sooner the Kenyan prince gets sarcophagus time, the better for all humankind.

  2. Carlos says:

    Obhammud keeps saying that the policies of the previous administration didn’t work, but it seems to me they were working fairly well until the jackasses took over both houses of Congress and forced some pretty redical crap into the system.

    ‘Course, GW didn’t help it (the economy) along any when he pushed his TARRP I bill, but had the Congress been a fiscally responsible Republican one (something we haven’t seen for many terms now, because the last few Republican congresses weren’t fiscally responsible, what with all their pork added onto the donkeys’) there would have been less chance for a recession, and certainly not a recession driven by the socialist policies of the Democrats.

    Bottom line, someone needs to call Duh-1 on his lie about the “Great Recession” being the result of the previous administration’s policies. Anyone with even a modicum of knowledge knows Congress sets the economic tone of government, not the administration. All he can do is push in a certain direction, not set the law.

  3. Dorothy Palmer says:

    The great thing about this website is no 1st Amendment violations from the moderator. Breitbart does not allow many, many posts that are anti-Kenyan, pro-America.

  4. BBHunter says:

    Overheard from Progressive family watching Romney rally:

    “Mommy….Why is Meester Romonenys peoples so big and loud?”

    “Hush now honey…..Mommies got a splitting headache…”

  5. Obhammud is out of ideas and his line about voting and revenge is just another sad example. The original quote appeared on fitness shirts that read, “A good body is the best revenge”. And if the size of the crowd shown is only 15-18,000 instead of 30,000 I’ll kiss your a*s on the court house steps.

  6. Tex says:

    I’m taking Obama’s Freudian slip the other day about seeing this election as an election between Clinton or Bush as an admission on his part that he is too scared to run on his own miserable record and instead hopes to usurp Clinton’s record.

    Too bad those mindless sheep that would follow Obama over a cliff don’t have the brain power to process that information.

    And what’s wrong with Colorado? They have put both Roseanne Barr and Cindy Sheehan of the “Peace and Freedom Party” on the ballots there. Oh brother! More like the “Has Been and Washed Up Party”.

  7. BBHunter says:

    – BTW, just to add to your election day pleasure, I’m a Buckeye. Lived in Chester long time ago. It’s fly-over country, and even today there’s barely 15 to 20 thousand people in the entire Chester/Stowe/Chardin/Bass Lake area.

    – If the fly-overs from the Ohio river to lake Erie are as mad as I think they are, and they turn out, Cleveland/Columbus/Cinnci will be overwhelmed and Jug ears won’t know what hit him.

  8. Drew the Infidel says:

    Come Tuesday a well-anticipated and long overdue change will come. As General MacArthur once said it’s as if I can almost hear the second hand on the clock of destiny ticking away. It will be an event that could bring a smile to old Tecumseh’s weathered cheeks.

  9. Dorothy Palmer says:

    Obama hates America, and this is the revenge utterance that evacuated from his stench pussed bowels. What baffles the normal mind is how ppl of one skin color would vote for this Kenyan. It says much about the people of that color. It seems to me they would vote for Stalin or Hitler were they of their skin color.

  10. Carlos says:

    Cindy Sheehan: She was a washed-up, irrelevant has-been the first day she dishonored her son by making him a political football, and that was the high point of her relevancy since then.

    She could have been an abortion before she was born, and probably should have been as it turns out. I’m not advocating abortion here, but my goodness, how much damage much one do to qualify for “shoulda been aborted?”

    And, BTW, when Duh-1 used his “revenge” statement, it was an implicit admission that his entire term of office was a failure. What other reason would there be for “revenge?”