BREAKING: President Obama wins re-election (With a note from Phineas)

I can’t say I’m completely shocked by this, considering the mainstream media cheerleading, demagoguery, and covering for this President over the last several months, but to say I’m immensely disappointed is an understatement. This nation is going to the dumps, and President Obama is leading us there, and “key states” we needed to reverse course have kept him there to continue trashing this country.

Bright spots for NC tonight, however: It went red again, we picked up a GOP Governor for only the third time since 1901, and at least two US House seats.

We are still a deeply divided America – his win tonight is by no means a mandate, even though he will treat it as such.

As far as the “blame game” – I think there is plenty to go around in terms of what happened with the Senate races, and as far as the Presidential race goes Romney perhaps could have been more aggressive on certain issues, but I believe all in all that he ran a better, much more effective campaign than McCain did. But in the end, it wasn’t enough.

We’ve lost this battle, but the war continues. Never give up.

Phineas Butts In: My blog-buddy is more resilient than I, befitting a fine Southern woman. But… this one hurts a lot. Much more than 2008. I was sure Romney would win, I was reasonably sure we’d take the Senate, but now… Four more years of gridlock at best while Obama uses the vast administrative and regulatory powers of the presidency to advance the progressive agenda to the inevitable harm of the nation. Not to mention 2-3 Supreme Court picks, meaning our rolling constitutional convention will almost inevitably lean left. The “living constitution” will become dominant, and the words of the document will have no meaning. And then there’s the continued gutting of our military, the entrenchment of ObamaCare, massive scandals that will be swept under the rug. More of what we’ve already had four years of.

Perhaps I should give up any thoughts of political prognostication; I obviously stink at it and don’t know “my” people nearly as well as I thought. The Blue model is in obvious collapse… What were they thinking?

Still, as ST said, the battle goes on, and we mustn’t stop fighting for what’s right. A few days to pout and heal, then it’s back at it.


Deicision Time! Election 2012 Open Thread

Hey gang! How’s your Election Day going?

Mine started at 6:15 a.m. when I got in line. I was behind about 50 people. Our polls opened up here in NC at 6:30. My polling place experience went well, outside of the diehard Democrats behind me gushing about the DNC Convention and how they hated Chick-fil-A. The poll workers were efficient, made sure to tell people that voting straight party ticket did not include the Presidential race nor “non-partisan” races like District Court Judge, etc. Once I got inside the door I was out in about half an hour. Everyone seemed surprisingly pleasant given the line and how cold it was this morning.

Polls close here in NC at 7:30. Here is the link to voting results for NC as they come in. Raleigh’s WRAL has a sweet interactive US electoral map where you can click on each state without leaving the page to see the voting totals.

How was your experience? Let me know what you’re hearing and seeing on the ground. Oh, and IGNORE “exit polls” and VOTE!

You can catch me on Twitter tonight with updates. My main account is @sistertoldjah – there is a widget you can follow on the right side of this page of my tweets. I also have a back-up account in case Twitter cuts me off for an hour due to too much tweeting: @SisterTwitmo. Hope to see you there!!

I voted!


Election Day: “Forth, and fear no darkness!”

**Posted by Phineas

Today is it, folks. The day of decision. After four years of being governed by the most left-wing administration in US History, as well as the most feckless since James Buchanan; after four years of suffering under incompetent boobs (save for their outstanding competence at corruption and cronyism) who treat the Constitution and the Rule of Law like a twenty-dollar hooker; after four appalling years that weakened the nation, abased us before our enemies, and caused hundreds of deaths; after all that, we finally get our say.

I’ve been thinking of how to describe my mood this day, a mood of both determination and elation, of standing on the verge of liberation. And it came to me that mere words wouldn’t do, but that a film clip (1) would capture it perfectly:

We have them on the run, folks. They’re nervous, ready to break. But now is not the time to let up. If you haven’t voted yet, then turn off the computer and get off your duff and vote! For Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, a Republican Senate (2), and the Founders’ America. Its time to send the Progressives back howling into the wilderness. An informed and determined freeborn citizen is what they fear. Remind them of why. Go. Vote.

Forth, and fear no darkness!

PS:  I’m sure there are those who will see all sorts of “racist dog whistles” in this post. (“He said ‘darkness!’ I must tweet Chris Matthews about this!”) That’s your problem. I happen to be a big Lord of the Rings fan, and that scene is the greatest cavalry charge in movie history. Ever. And it reflects perfectly how I feel about today.

(1)The first minute or so can be seen (kinda sorta) as a metaphor of the last four years, starting on election night, 2008. But once the horns blow, that’s today, baby. Charge!

(2) My second worst fear is that the Democrats retain the Senate, leading to another two years at least of gridlock. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen, okay?

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