Guest Post: a view of the election from an Austrian conservative

Posted by: Phineas on November 8, 2012 at 6:52 pm

**Posted by Phineas

(A friend of mine in Vienna is of a rare breed: a limited-government conservative living in the heart of the EU social democracy. Several of us were writing back and forth today about the election, and someone suggested her letter was worth making into a guest-post. I agreed, and she kindly gave her consent. Take it away, Wienerblut! (1) –Phineas.)

I think, what we are seeing is Americas slight transition to a political system like the EU. You might deny it but IMO this is whats happening.

The democrats did the same thing what they are doing here in Europe: they know that they don’t get votes from the working people so they create their own voters. Voters that are dependent on the government. In Europe these are retired people, immigrants, people living from social wellfare and people directly or indirectly employed by the government or pseudo governmental institutions (universities getting tax money etc.). Then you have the media, the artists and the gay groups that usually vote left.

The rest of the people are useless as voters for the leftist politicians as they would not vote for them. They are used to be charged with taxes.

In Vienna we already have more than 20 % muslim immigrants, people who came into the country within the last 20 years. Almost 90 % of them are voting for the ruling socialist party. As more and more original citizens are not using their right to vote, exactly these votes are essential for the leftists to stay in power.

The interesting thing is that most European parties, regardless how they call themselves, are leftist. No matter what they claim to be (christian democrats, conservatives etc.) they have a socialist agenda, some more than others. The parties that do not play by this rules are usually stigmatized as extremists, fascists, nazis or similar.

And now look at the States and what’s happening: IMO Obama won because of people dependent on the government. People love to hear that things will be getting better and they don’t have to do anything for it to get better.

Both the US and the EU have nearly no producing industry anymore. The large corporations are all producing somewhere in Asia. But an economy cannot live alone from the tertiary sector (services industry). In the EU its even worse as we also have a publicly subsidized agricultural sector.

So where will this lead our countries in the future? I have no idea. But sometimes I have the impression that the western world already had its peak and is declining. What do you think.

Phineas, again: I’ll agree that the wellspring of Western Civilization, Europe, is in decline. There the sclerosis of bureaucratic authoritarianism and social democracy is well-advanced, and it’s combined with severely declining birthrates that are putting tremendous pressure on the social safety nets. While America has entered into a difficult period for various reasons, we’re not there… yet. But the danger does exist. It was my hope that voters here would look at Greece, Italy, and Spain, realize we’re on that same road, and do something about it now. They chose not to, and so I fear things will get much worse before they get any better, and the correctives, when they come, will be much more painful.

As for the leftist parties in the EU creating dependent voters, they and the Democrats think alike. May I suggest they move to Europe? I’ll be happy to agree to one last round of “quantitative easing” to pay for the tickets. “Wienerblut” is welcome here, anytime. And opposition being stigmatized as “fascist,” “racist, &c.? Yeah, I hear ya, pal.

(1) Obviously a pseudonym. Honesty can get you in trouble in the Old Country, worse even than here. Oh, and Mr. President? She speaks German, not “Austrian.”

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16 Responses to “Guest Post: a view of the election from an Austrian conservative”


  1. WMP says:

    Thanks for the post – very scary if you ask me. I read an article by Rush Limbaugh yesterday about Santa Claus – it was an excellent article. My husband said on the radio yesterday Rush was talking about how there just aren’t enough of “us”. Us are the people your Austrian friend is talking about. People mock Rush – but he is a very smart guy and has a way of hitting the nail on the head.

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    There are some distinct and fundamental differences in the structure of government here as opposed to the EU, thank God! With term limits, bi-annual elections, and three co-equal branches of government we have the ability to turn out half the Congress more frequently than most others. The Tea Party is a good example of what a pi*sed-off electorate can accomplish. Also, there is way too much doomsday rhetoric and masochistic, bordering on suicidal, muttering in the wake of the election. It is too lengthy for this space but I would suggest anyone feeling down to read Matthew 6:25-34.

  3. WMP says:

    Infidel – I am past that – I still think it is of great concern – you may be able to turn out the masses every two years, but the ability to do so is getting less and less – especially in places like California. I believe Phineas lives in California – he knows exactly what I am talking about.

  4. Carlos says:

    And the President responds to note (1): “Well, she should learn Austrian and become bilingual, since she lives in Austria. That is not to say all people living in a country should learn to speak the country’s language. Quite the contrary, we welcome those whose native language is Spanish, and will fight hard to keep extremists from requiring they learn English to become citizens, to vote or even to drive, so long as those votes are for Democrats, the party of slavery forever!”

  5. Sefton says:

    It was my hope that voters here would look at Greece, Italy, and Spain, realize we’re on that same road, and do something about it now.

    A little tongue-in-cheek, but my late night demographic analysis on three blocks of Democrat voters and why your hope did not pan out:

    The “intellectual progressive” block – mostly from academia, but their influenced street… the OWS types… primarily the 18-29 age group with skulls full of leftist mush… the type who actually really wouldn’t mind seeing our economic and political system collapse, because ‘hey, it’s all those rich capitalists like Romney that screwed us up in the first place’.

    The “we want mine” block- the unions obviously, but also the major allotment of Democratic voters who believe the purpose of government is to fulfill their lives and provide them with everything they want… they want their stuff and all this talk about “personal responsibility” ain’t ringing any cashier bells in their heads.

    The “superficial, dumbass” block – the group that watches Jerry Springer, The View, NBC and bright shiny objects for their basic education of current events… also to include the mental midgets who vote strictly on race… or if their dude could beat the other dude on American Idol… and bonus points if his smile sends a tingle down your leg.

    The first group considers the Greece, Italy and Spain mess a model of exactly what is needed in this country… the second group will just wonder why we don’t plant more money trees… and the third group couldn’t find those countries on a map.

  6. Carlos says:

    “The first group considers the Greece, Italy and Spain mess a model of exactly what is needed in this country… the second group will just wonder why we don’t plant more money trees… and the third group couldn’t find those countries on a map.”

    This is the best analysis of the Democrats I’ve ever seen, Sefton. My hat’s off to you, sir, for putting into words what the Republican establishment is afraid to say, explain or fight.

  7. Tex says:

    Perhaps the Republican Party should take a cue from the Democrats in the next election cycle and just promise every single special interest group and minority exactly what they want if they vote Republican. I mean, you don’t have to actually follow through on delivering those promises after you are elected since Obama never kept most of his promises and still got re-elected. The average Democratic voter has a very, very short attention span and usually thinks out only days into the future, not years. The object of the game should be to peel away as many of the average Democratic voters with just slightly more promises for their “need du jour” than the Democrats.

  8. Liz says:

    Voter ID required is a start.

  9. myballs says:

    Even though there is a large voting block supportive of the President for the shallowest of reasons, it remails the immigration issue that is damaging the republican party. You and I know the difference between being against illegal immigration and immigration. But there are millions of voters who do not pay enough attention to see this distinction. The result is their easily swayed vote goes to the democrat party. The GOP needs to move past this with amnesty and listed to what the hispanics are asking for. And Marco Rubio cannot do it all himself.

  10. Sefton says:

    The GOP needs to move past this with amnesty and listen to what the hispanics are asking for.

    It sounds like the easy recourse, doesn’t it? Just give “x” group whatever they want, even if it means going into a bidding war with the Democrats.

    Here’s where we are as a country…
    “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” – Benjamin Franklin

    By the way, Reagan gave illegals amnesty in 1986 – 3 million of them. In the next election, the GOP candidate (H.W. Bush) garnered 7% less Hispanic votes than Reagan did.

    Our political process has basically turned into a whorehouse price list, with certain constituents bidding on the whore who’ll “do them” better.

  11. Carlos says:

    Heck, Sefton, I was under the impression they’re ALL whores, the whole lot of them, most by participation and the remainder by association. No matter how much lipstick each candidates puts on his candidacy, he’s still a pig underneath.

  12. Steve Skubinna says:

    Austria’s one of the 57 states, right?

  13. Carlos says:

    Yes, Steve, admitted to the Union in eleventy-seventy-four.

    And they really need to brush up on their Austrian because, thanks to the other 56 states of the United States, the danger of the being overrun by Hitler has passed so they don’t need to know German anymore.

  14. myballs says:

    Sefton, I understand your point. But Obama won asians by the same margin as hispanics. This suggests that the hard line on immigration is not only not working, but it is electing people like Barack Obama. The GOP needs to understand that the immigration and tax debates, albeit phoney arguments, are nonetheless hurting the party.

  15. Carlos says:

    According to war hero General Norman Schwartzkoff, ya just can’t fix stupid. If that’s true, why is there even a discussion/debate over immigration? Or taxes?

    Seems to me the stupids gullible enough to believe our Prevaricator-in-Chief that also vote hold a majority of voters in the country now, which leaves this one to believe either those stupids are in fact a majority or there is a severe lack of people smart enough to not get taken in by lies and distortions that actually do vote.

    I hope it’s the latter; that’s still fixable. Otherwise, all really is lost.

  16. Sefton says:

    myballs (the username), And I understand YOUR point. The problem is, where does the GOP platform go if it starts being circumvented by liberal issues? It eventually becomes non-existent and there’s no difference between the two. And you start to lose your base.

    But to take immigration, Obama was basically scolded on Univision a few months back for his lack of bringing his promised immigration reform bill to Congress (another lie from the One). He, instead, decided he would cash in on the Hispanic vote for the upcoming election by writing his “Dream Act” executive order. Great timing, eh? (And don’t forget his “evolution” on gay marriage to facilitate that demo.)
    Add to that, the debacle of Fast and Furious – hundreds of innocent Mexicans were killed because of this operation.

    Where is the outcry over that? You haven’t heard a damn thing about this from La Raza or LULAC because they know it would hurt their lobbying ties to the political party they’ve adopted as their conduit to the goodies.
    Thus the Benjamin Franklin quote I mentioned before.

    Bottom line is, I think we’re at the point in this country where entitlements rule. The “We Want Mine” gang has taken over and whichever party is going to be more of the Goodies party is the winner. We’ve become the Divided States of Gimme.