Personal note: Down with the sickness

Hey gang,

I’m STILL nursing a cough/cold that will not let me go. This marks the week and a half mark. The cough (mild at first) started Monday the 19th, the sore throat started Thanksgiving, and hasn’t let up since. Really don’t want to go to the doctor as they’ll tell me what I already know (that I have a cold), but if this cough is still kicking my bootie in the morning I’ll go. ┬áRight now, I’m sticking to OTC meds.

Blogging and social media will be light to non-existent for yours truly for the next couple of days at least as I have almost no energy to do anything other than day job-related stuff. Thankfully, Phineas has said he’ll hold down the fort here while I try to recover. Please keep in mind, however, that he has a lot going on as well – but he will take care of things here when he can.

Hope everyone is doing well. Happy middle of the week! :)

5 thoughts on “Personal note: Down with the sickness

  1. ST – Just get well. The blogging can wait. You need to get plenty of rest.

    “Nip it in the bud” – Barney Fife


  2. Take a couple of grams of vitamin C every hour for the next 4-6 hours and you will be cured.

    Linus Pauling won his 2nd Nobel Prize for that bit of wisdom.

    I have successfully used this and have not had a case of the flu or even a cold in almost 3 decades.

    I feel it coming on and start that regimen immediately – it has never failed.

    Drink plenty of water, as well.

    Best way is to buy it in 500 milligram tablets and take a half dozen every hour.

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