#FastAndFurious guns found in New Mexico

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It shouldn’t be surprising; the ATF with the DoJ’s blessing let thousands of guns “walk” across the border in Mexico, purchased illegally –but, again, with the approval of the Obama-Holder Justice Department– by “straw buyers”  who then delivered them to murderous Mexican drug cartels.

So far (and as far as we know), more than 300 Mexicans and two US federal officers have been killed by these weapons.

And now they’re showing up in New Mexico:

Operation Fast & Furious is now linked to a local gun smuggling operation in the border town of Columbus, New Mexico.

Federal agents knew in April 2010 that the leader of the operation, town trustee Blas “Woody” Gutierrez, was found with weapons purchased by “straw man” Jaime Avila, Jr. Avila was a member of a group in Arizona that was the target of Fast & Furious.

Border agents stopped Gutierrez and Miguel Carillo on January 14, 2010 and found ten semiautomatic weapons. They ran the serial numbers in one database and nothing suspicious came up. With no active arrest warrants, the agents allowed the men to leave with the guns. Three months later, though, ATF agents in New Mexico wrote that three of those weapons were purchased by Avila on January 9. Three other weapons were connected to Uriel Patino, another Fast & Furious suspect.

The report specifically refers to Fast & Furious by number

Senator Grassley (R-IA) has demanded information from the head of the CBPE regarding this stop. So far, this agency of the federal government has not complied with this legitimate request from a US senator.

In this case, the guns were found as part of a stop. But how soon will it be, one has to ask, before these or other guns are found at crime scenes in Mexico, New Mexico, or elsewhere in the US, with the corpses of innocent victims nearby?

Keep something in mind: Richard Nixon lost the presidency because of the Watergate scandal, but at least President Nixon did not have blood on his hands.

Barack Obama, on the other hand…

PS: The author of the linked article, Katie Pavlich, has written a well-done overview of the Fast and Furious scandal, which should be required reading for anyone wanting to acquaint themselves with this felony stupid fiasco.

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UPDATE: Are criminal charges pending against ATF officials in connection with Fast and Furious? And why does the word “scapegoat” come to mind? (via Vermontaigne)

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A tale of two Rices, the race card, and rank hypocrisy

Black conservative Deroy Murdock takes on the race-card-playing tactics of Democrats on the issue of UN Ambassador Susan Rice – and wins:

Just as the aforementioned Democrats rebuffed Rice and Thomas due to policy differences (possibly excluding KKK alumnus Robert Byrd), Senate Republicans such as Arizona’s John McCain, South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham, and New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte have criticized U.N. ambassador Susan Rice — but not for practicing diplomacy while black. Regardless, liberals scream: “Racism!”

“There is a clear sexism and racism that goes with these comments being made by unfortunately Senator McCain and others,” said Representative Marcia Fudge (D., Ohio), incoming Congressional Black Caucus chairwoman. “It is a shame that anytime something goes wrong, they pick on women and minorities.”

After Republicans called Susan Rice “incompetent,” Representative James Clyburn (D., South Carolina) told CNN: “These are code words. . . . Those of us who were born and raised in the South — we’ve been hearing these little words and phrases all of our lives and we get insulted by them.”

When 97 House Republicans wrote President Obama to condemn Rice, a November 22 Washington Post editorial helpfully noted that “more than 80 of the signatories are white males, and nearly half are from states of the former Confederacy.”

MSNBC’s Richard Wolffe decried a “witch hunt going on the right about these people of color, let’s face it, around this president. Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, now Susan Rice.”

“I’ll leave it to you to decide how much of the tarring of Rice as incompetent and unqualified is about the myth of black inferiority and female inferiority,” said MSNBC anchor Touré.

Why would allegedly racist, sexist Republicans let another black female diplomat named Rice — Condoleezza — address their national convention last August 29, immediately before Representative Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) accepted the party’s vice-presidential nomination? Since when do bigots give 19 minutes of prime-time TV to people they despise?

If Senators Graham and McCain really can’t stomach blacks, why did they and every other voting Republican send a black woman (Condoleezza Rice) to run the State Department and, in McCain’s case, a black man (Clarence Thomas) to the Supreme Court for life? (Only two Republicans spurned Thomas: Vermont’s James Jeffords and Oregon’s Bob Packwood, both liberals.)

Make sure to read the whole thing.

Murdock rightly goes on to call for what we all have been for years now: For the left to STOP  falsely playing the race card every time “one of their own” has been criticized, and save the criticisms, you know, for actual racism – not the phony type imagined or contrived for shameless political gain at the expense of the national discourse and, er … going forward on the issue of race in America.

Of course, Democrats won’t listen to this because they have too much invested in the black vote (and the female & Hispanic votes, too, it should be noted) and – as this election cycle reaffirmed, their demagoguery  on any number of issues, ranging from birth control to rape to affirmative action to illegal immigration went a long way towards helping get Barack Obama and his party back over the finish line after a very disappointing year from them in 2010.  We can’t rely on the left to stop these disgusting tactics, nor can we count on most of their allies in the mainstream press to call them out on it, so it’s on us to continue to tenaciously take them to task until people, in particular “minorities”, start waking up.

And when they do, and the peeling off of their voting ranks from the Democrats starts, it’ll be a thing of beauty.  I, for one, hope I’ll be alive to see it.  As I’ve said repeatedly, once the left loses its stranglehold on the “minority” vote, winning elections will be a lot harder for them because they’ll have less of a “victim” class to exploit.

Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?