#FiscalCliff: The entitlement explosion in must-see charts

Posted by: ST on December 6, 2012 at 2:33 pm

Ok, so I’m officially depressed now after seeing this. I knew it was really bad, but seriously underestimated the level.

Most Republicans understand this and know tough choices need to be made. Nearly all Democrats, on the other hand, think most entitlements should remain untouched and that instead we should just gut the defense budget. That always seems to be their default answer. In essence, they’re choosing to weaken our military over gradually but necessarily weaning the American people off of the safety net and in turn promoting individual/personal responsibility.

Big government is destroying this country – both literally and figuratively. And I blame Democrats for most of that.

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6 Responses to “#FiscalCliff: The entitlement explosion in must-see charts”


  1. The accuracy of the 1969 map entitled “The Rising Tide of Entitlements Part I” is questionable. The Texas county at the southeast corner of NM darkened to show a high participation is inaccurate. Loving County is the least populated of all 254 counties in the state (mostly ranch pasture) and at that time held the distinction as the only county not taking a single red cent from the government. However, the line graphs are believable showing the radical accelerations in entitlements occurring during the Johnson, Carter, Clinton, and Obhammud years; all commiecrats as ST notes above.

  2. Carlos says:

    When you say you blame the Democraps for most of that, ST, do you include such fiscal stalwarts as Oly Snowe and John-boy McCain? Or maybe even Mr. Boehner, whose knees buckled as soon as he heard Zero wants to “compromise?” (Don’t even look for a backbone there, ’cause it doesn’t exist.)

    Or possibly nearly every Repub in Congress when they controlled both houses and spending still skyrocketed and the size of government grew exponentially?

    Sure, Zero has a lot to answer for, but so do the Repubs who came to believe they were just as entitled as any black, single mom in anyurbancity, USA. The difference to me, though, is that the Repubs are the more despicable because they had control of the purse strings.

  3. john b says:

    Carlos: What is the definition of “most”?

  4. ST says:

    Carlos, the word “most” should be a giveaway that I don’t solely blame Democrats.

  5. Carlos says:

    What I was saying was that not only are the Repubs not “mostly” blameless and the jackasses are, when the Repubs had the chance to do right they not only didn’t, but laid the foundation on which the donkeys built their house of mirrors.

    No, the jackasses aren’t blameless, either, but had the Repubs not made it “OK” to be so fiscally irresponsible the jackasses would have had a much harder time pushing the idea that half or more of the country could live off all that “free” money from the “rich” (meaning, basically, anyone dumb enough to try to earn a living).