Another reason to like Tim Scott

Posted by: Phineas on December 18, 2012 at 3:01 pm

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Aside from the fact that the current representative and senator-designate from South Carolina has a good character, the right politics, and a clear-eyed view of our real problem, he worries all the right people:

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People isn’t too excited about the appointment of Rep. Tim Scott to South Carolina’s soon-to-be-vacated U.S. Senate seat.


Hilary Shelton, senior vice president for advocacy and policy at the NAACP, told The Daily Caller Monday afternoon that the group welcomed diversity in the Senate, but expects the new senator to work against the NAACP’s agenda.

“It is important that we have more integration in the U.S. Senate,” said Shelton in a phone interview. “It’s good to see that diversity.”

“Mr. Scott certainly comes from a modest background, experience, and so forth, and should be sensitive to those issues,” he said, referring to Scott’s impoverished single-parent upbringing in Charleston, SC.

“Unfortunately, his voting record in the U.S. House of Representatives raises major concerns,” Shelton said.

Shelton explained that the NAACP platform is crafted through an annual voting process which engages grassroots-level delegates who vote on the group’s national agenda. That agenda calls for an expansive role for federal government spending in black communities.

Because federal intervention has done such a bang-up job for Blacks. Just ask any beneficiary of the Great Society’s urban policies. And that War on Poverty? We fought it, and poverty won.

While Ms. Shelton does have some nice things to say about Congressman Scott, it’s clear her views are trapped within the statist, dependent, and identity-group paradigm that dominates the Democratic party. And yet Blacks are far worse off under Obama, who is pursuing those very policies the way an alcoholic chases a beer wagon.  But, to be honest, the NAACP stopped being an organization seeking the best interests of African Americans at the same time they entered into a monogamous relationship with the Democratic party. (Helpful tip: if you’re an interest group and you give yourself wholly and forever to one political party — they no longer have to take you seriously, because they know they have your votes no matter what they do.)

Meanwhile, here’s hoping that Mr. Scott has a long and fruitful career in the Senate and that, rather than coming round to the NAACP line, he encourages NAACP members to realize there’s another, better way to help Black Americans prosper.

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2 Responses to “Another reason to like Tim Scott”


  1. Carlos says:

    “… the NAACP stopped being an organization seeking the best interests of African Americans at the same time they entered into a monogamous relationship with the Democratic party.”

    The relationship between the NAACP and the Dems may be monogamous on the part of the NAACP, but is certainly bigamous on the part of the Dems, who swear fealty to every group willing to sell their souls and votes to the jackasses. (At least, the Dems swear fealty to each group as long as the votes keep coming.)

    And it is so sad to see the major organization of African-Americans so in bed with the party that not only caused a civil war to be fought to keep those same people in slavery, and connived to keep those same people in bondage after de facto slavery ended through Jim Crow laws and the KKK, but continues to try to keep them in bondage through dependency-causing policies.

    In other words, these same “leaders” of the “black movement” are simply no better than the Africans who sold their brethren into slavery in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, or the “Toms” who kept “the Massa” informed about which slaves were about to run.

    Fortunately, more and more African-Americans (like Scott, or Elder, Sowell and W. Williams) are gaining a following from those able to break the Demo chains of modern slavery and start thinking for themselves, and start discovering what’s not only best for themselves but for their race, too, and cut through all the lies from the left.

  2. Drew the Infidel says:

    Ms. Shelton’s remarks are pure unadulterated dog whistles and code words.