Why are there two donate links on BarackObama.com’s #Newtown speech page?

What the hell?



Trying to raise campaign money off of a horrific tragedy for political gain? This is inexcusable. I’m sure they’ll classify it as an “unfortunate oversight”, though. *insert eyeroll* The screen caps, BTW, are from the mobile version of the site (the quality isn’t the best, due to sizing them down), but I saw them on the desktop version, too.

Got the link from a self-serving email sent from BO.com, listed as being “from David Axelrod”, talking about how the President “spoke from the heart” and “vowed to protect children” using “whatever power his office holds.”

Does our celebrity President EVER stop campaigning?

7 thoughts on “Why are there two donate links on BarackObama.com’s #Newtown speech page?

  1. What an unpleasant surprise when the Sunday night football game was suddenly pre-empted in favor of this commiecrat version of the Piltdown Man stroking his ego in the aftermath of a tragedy. Making this a political football before the vicitms’ spilt blood was even dry is disgusting.

  2. So, if Barak is so interested in saving innocent children, does this mean he’ll put a moratorium on his drone attacks?
    Because from what I hear, he’s killing innocent children left and right. He is the one signing the death warrants and all…..

  3. Not to mention all the deaths of innocent babies in abortions, most of which are of his own race (does that make him a raaaciiiiist? Obviously not!)

    To borrow a phrase from his former CoS, never let a tragedy go to waste, use it to further fleece the sheep.

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