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January 10, 2013

#MSDNC’s @MHarrisPerry sorta uses conservative “diversity” arguments to defend Obama

I tell ya, liberals will say ANYTHING to defend their “Obamessiah” from criticism, including unwittingly using conservative arguments  to try and make their case.  As you’ll see below, Harris-Perry – supposedly one of the “respectable” liberal hosts at MSDNC who is “going places” if the left is to be believed – states that you can’t necessarily assume by looking at a person that they represent the views of others who look just like them.  Sounds good so far. But then she manages to turn her own argument on its ear by strongly implying (which I’ll highlight in bold) that you can’t just assume by looking at a conservative “minority” that they think like other “minorities” who aren’t conservative.  RealClearPolitics provides the transcript:.....   [Read More]