Cynical minds think alike, @jimgeraghty edition

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Writing in today’s issue of his Morning Jolt newsletter (1), National Review reporter Jim Geraghty gave his impression of the deeper meaning of Vice President Biden’s task force on gun violence and its likely recommendations:

If I were truly cynical, I would think that the Obama White House would prefer to put forth a package of reforms that was rejected by House Republicans (and a few Democrats) so that every high-profile shooting between now and November 2014 can be blamed on John Boehner and those unreasonable, uncompromising House Republicans.

Nah, they wouldn’t be so callous as to exploit human deaths that way, would they?

Like the sun rises in the East.

(1) Sorry, it’s an email newsletter, so no direct link. But you can subscribe for free! And you should, otherwise the cool kids will all laugh at you.

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4 thoughts on “Cynical minds think alike, @jimgeraghty edition

  1. You can just imagine the outcry from Liberals if a Conservative had usurped a national tragedy as a vehicle to forward a decades long political agenda as the Liberals have done the “Sandy Hook Massacre” to forward their “gun control” agenda.

    But of course you won’t hear anything critical about this shameful tactic coming from the political hacks masquerading as “journalists” in the Liberal MSM.

  2. After every tragic incident involving a deranged individual perpetrating gun violence on random victims the left’s response is nauseatingly predictable. Without so much as a breath of human sympathy or kindness they seek to wallow in the blood of innocent Americans while advocating for the abrogation of the Constitutional liberties of other innocent Americans.

  3. “Deeper meaning” and Biden in the same sentence is sorta oxymoronic, or maybe just moronic. The only thing “deep” about Biden is the vast emptiness between his ears.

  4. It’s only a “political agenda” if it is backed by Republicans. If backed by conservatives, it is an “extremist” agenda, and if backed by libs/statists/progs it is usually “for the children” or “for your own good” but never, ever just a “political agenda.”

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