Your tax dollars in action: feds fund computer game to fight global warming

Posted by: Phineas on January 11, 2013 at 2:01 pm

**Posted by Phineas

AKA, “A problem that does not exist.” But, hey, it’s only $100,000 of our money:

A new video game featuring a black alien female superhero delivered to Earth to fight global warming is about to hit the market thanks to a $100,000 grant from the Obama administration.

The National Endowment for the Arts is funding the Spelman College of Atlanta, Ga.’s multi-episode game called “HERadventure.” In the grant announcement made last year, the NEA said the story “focuses on a young female superhero sent to Earth to save her own planet from devastation because of climate changes caused by social issues impacting women and girls.”

So, since they can’t prove man-produced CO2 causes climate change, it’s now the result of the Republican “War on women?” It was inevitable, I suppose, conflating two myths into one. I’m surprised they haven’t blamed climate change on racism, too.

Oh, wait. They have.

Meanwhile, it looks like Senator Coburn has another item for his “Waste Book.”

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4 Responses to “Your tax dollars in action: feds fund computer game to fight global warming”


  1. Drew the Infidel says:

    What’s global warming? Is that the sensation al-Gore felt when Tipper got wise to his slut consort causing their marriage to reach the boiling point?

  2. Brontefan says:

    Okay.. we have a government out-of-control. Congress VOTED on global warming! Are you kidding me? It’s absurd; you cannot vote on something that is science and either is or is not. And as the professors at colleges around the country retire and admit they never believed in global warming and only said they did for the government grant money–it’s a pretty good guess the whole thing is hype. Add to it the EPA manipulating the Army Core of Engineers to altering the routines on dams, not to mention other idiotic protections –who will protect us from the EPA? –it demonstrates how much control over our lives the government wants and is taking. And when Al Gore aligns himself with Al Jazeera in lieu of Glenn Beck, don’t you really have to ask yourself who these people are? So Gore’s beliefs are closer to the Muslim world than ours and Rahm Emanuel dislikes Chick Fil-A but loves Louis Farrkhan? And I suppose offering illegal immigrants health care while taking the funding away from millions of Baby Boomer Seniors–who paid into the program–is also how the federal government cares about the citizens? Only during elections!

  3. Carlos says:

    You’ve not even scratched the surface, Brontefan, because the harshest and most common offenses of government overreach and abuse happen daily on the local level.

    How many projects are held up or denied because some city planner doesn’t happen to like the design or designer?

    How many projects are denied because a project doesn’t fall within a city’s preconceived notion of “land use?”

    How many people are denied the right to work in a field they choose because state laws prohibit them from practicing that trade since they don’t have the “proper” credentials, even though they have the expertise?

    If one shows me a government agency, local, state or federal, I would wager it would take me less than a day to discover an egregious abuse of power, whether it was a local “planning” board, a state adoption agency or, as noted above, the EPA.

  4. Carlos says:

    I guess the combining of the two issues is the result of all the extra carbon dioxide produced during the heavy breathing?…