Sunday Football Playoff Games Open Thread

I’m about grab some lunch and then kick back and be lazy on the recliner with la familia and enjoy an afternoon of playoff football.  I’ve got the 49ers and Patriots going to the Super Bowl, but I’m not the best when it comes to football predictions so take my prognostications with a grain of salt. ;)

Today’s schedule: The San Francisco – Atlanta game will be broadcast at 3 ET on Fox and the Ravens – Patriots game will be at 6:30 ET on CBS.

Are y’ll ready for some football?

5 thoughts on “Sunday Football Playoff Games Open Thread

  1. This may qualify as a masterpiece of understatement but the Falcons sure have creative ways of losing games. Last week against Seattle they blew a 20 point lead, nearly getting beat. Today the blew a 17 point lead and their season is over.

  2. – Belichek and the cheatriots are on the bus home, and he did his usual poor sport thing as usual after the game. So yes, order is indeed restored to the universe!

    (Hi sis)

  3. Brother against coaching brother. That will be interesting, but I’m not real sure that’ll be a good enough reason to watch. But my man LaMichael stepped up big-time, and that may be my reason.

    Except maybe for the new commercials rolled out. Every year one or two of them is pretty good, considering they’re commercials to begin with.

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